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Sony Tablet P; its different!


SUGANDH SINGH | New Delhi, December 28, 2011 15:59
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The Indian market for tablets are flooded with a large number of options available from a multitude of brands ranging from the cheapest in the world Aakash tablets at just Rs. 2500/- to the legendary iPad 2. Although in terms of design, all these products don't offer much differentiation, the latest and actually a very late entrant in this category is by the Japanese maestro Sony with its two offerings- Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P. It may be a strategic move by Sony to offer something different than a regular tablet in terms of design, but the Sony Tablet P really defines a unique tablet with its fold-able, dual screen, clam-shell design running on the Google Android 3.2 Gingerbread platform.


Powered by 1GHz, dual-core, Cortex A9 processor and supported by 1GB of RAM, the new Sony Tablet P boasts of two 5.5 inch capacitive touchscreens. The design fosters its portability as it can actually be carried in a pocket and the screens are safe from a palpable damage. On the outer, there are not a flurry of buttons and sockets apart from a USB 2 port, volume rocker buttons which are a little hard to press and the power connector socket. On the front side, the attraction is fatal with the a thin strip of notification light. Although it is quite stylish with the sleek looks, the light is bright enough to attract attention from various angles and distance. The clam shell tablet is equipped with two cameras. One on the outer with 5 Megapixel and the other, a VGA camera for video chats. The rear camera has auto focus and captures sharp and bright images of good quality.


The design of having two screens in the tablet has caused a few problems for the users especially when considering its high price band. Sony has developed a few apps comprehensive to its two screen compatibility, but the same can not be expected from the App developers until the dual screen design becomes popular among other brands as well. Thus all apps from the android market will run on just one screen which is a little off to see. Sony has introduced its PS games on the Tablet P that are an addition to its exclusivity and will be pivotal at attracting potential buyers, most prominently gamers as PS games can be downloaded and played on the Tablet P. As per the screen, the Sony label games will work on two screens giving the control panel on the other, but apart from Sony's, other label games will have to be played on just one screen. While playing video files, the video again appears on the top screen leaving the control options on the other. The screen quality is very good, with sharp images and bright colours that is even visible under sun light, but the constricted space of just one screen that it appears in is a little dis-satisfactory.


The screen offers a resolution of 1024 x 480 and the pixel density of 221 ppi which feels awesome. The external speaker (one) is a stereo and are of good quality, just that the position of it is such that while using, you may easily put your finger over it that will restrict the sound to a great extent. The battery life is a little contested with just 3080 mAh battery that is almost half of what is available with the iPad 2. Sony has provided a 12v power connector with the Sony Tablet P for the charging. However, the brick design of the charger could well have been altered to give the device an even appealing look and foster portability. There is a 2GB external memory space provided which can be further increased to 32 GB. It is 3G enabled and has WiFi as well as a 3G card slot on the external that is quite difficult to trace if not referred to the manual.


The unique design may be a hassle to a few due to its dual screen make up, but it can be argued that the Sony Tablet P offers a brilliant and attractive design which not only adds to its portability but its agility. For the ones who don't mind trying a stylish glossy Sony tablet, will find it delivering more than expected. But then to gamers and first time tablet buyers, you may wait.

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