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Slimmest Ultrabook ever!


SUGANDH SINGH | Seoul, December 16, 2011 12:02
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How attractive is slim? Is being slim attached with the emotion of being sexy? Well the concept may relate to things other than humans when it comes to the devices we own. Its sad that its not yet available for us Indians to lay our hands onto. But sure it will add up to the anticipation and a desire to own the sleekest and the slimmest. We are talking about the latest launch from the house of LG into the arena of notebooks and laptops. The LG Xnote Z330 is the company's latest venture into ultrabook that has well attained the crown of being the slimmest in the world.

Going by the looks and its design, it is anticipated to give a run for money to its counterparts at Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo and Apple Macbook Air included. The new LG Xnote Z330 boasts of a thickness rather the opposite of it at just .58 inch. It is available in two variants. The first powered with a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor and 120 GB SSD under the variant name GE30K and the other with1.7GHz Core i7 processor and 256 GB of storage with 4GB of RAM under the variant name GE55K. The slimmest ultrabook in the world that is actually just .01 inch slimmer than the already available Lenovo IdeaPad U300s offers a 13.3-inch HD LED display and impressively boots using the Rapid Start Technology in less than 10 seconds. LG's latest ultrabook that has now been revealed in Korea has its dimensions as 315 x 215 x 14.7mm and weighs only 1.2 Kg. It thus makes the device very convenient to carry and use especially as the battery is said to support the laptop for a full 6 Hrs on a full charge. While looks can be deceptive, the new LG Xnote Z330 comes power packed with an array of features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Micro SD, USB 3 port, HDMI out, etc.
The LG Xnote Z330 has been positioned to compete with Apple Macbook Air although it offers no respite at its premium pricing that has been revealed to be $1500 for the core i5 model and $2300 for the i7 model that also sports a larger drive. However in comparison with the legendary Apple Macbook Air that is not so slim at .68 inch thickness, but offers the same 13.3 inch display with a screen resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels emerges as a clear winner over the LG Xnote Z330 that has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. At the quantum of processing speed as well, the Macbook Air offers a slightly better performance with 1.7 GHz i5 processor and 1.8 GHz for its i7 processor. With other connectivity features as similar the Macbook Air comes with a high speed data transfer method 'Thunderbolt' from Intel that is well not to be found on any Windows platform supported laptops but sets apart the Apple Macbook Air from a susceptible threat of competition from LG Xnote Z330. Although with a dimension of 325 x 227 x 17mm and a weight of 1.34 Kg, Apple Macbook Air is less impressive than the latest from LG, it offers a better performance at almost all verticals. 
The final verdict rests on the consumers who actually seem like waiting for more options in the ultrabook category since the venture into ultrabooks are very recent by the other industry behemoths like HP, Acer and Asus. In terms of the hardware offerings, the LG Xnote Z330 is only behind the Apple Macbook Air but otherwise is impressive with its USP of being the lightest and the slimmest. The LG Xnote Z330 is a commendable buy when it is launched in India and in the rest of the world backed by its stunning looks, maneuverability, usability and convenience only staggered by the premium price tag attached to it. However, in near future, an array of options are expected to flood the stores as the market for ultrabooks mature. 
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