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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Media Watch


Supplementary Issue


Odious Comparison

Seema Mustafa, Editor, TSI media watch

The Delhi media's almost hysterical coverage of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as possible Prime Minister was clearly not echoed in the state media, that remained largely preoccupied with regional issues and leaders.

Media Coverage

The 'media' baron who conned Bengal

Saibal Chatterjee

The Saradha owner's media misadventures have added another inglorious chapter to the increasing trend of newspapers and television channels being manipulated by fly-by-night operators for personal and political ends, says Saibal Chatterjee

International Media Watch

A dream realised

Syed Khurram Raza

Mohammed Ahmed Kazmi, hero of all Urdu newspapers for the last one year is now an editor of an Urdu newspaper ‘Qaumi Salamti’. At a time when many persons distanced themselves from him as an alleged accused in the Israeli bomb blast case, Kazmi received extraordinary support from Siraj Paracha, the father of his counsel in the case.

Cover Story

A bridge too far

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

In the recent history of democracy, none of the regional satrap has probably got the kind of hype that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has got. And considering news from India does find place in international media these days, it is but natural that Narendra Modi found himself there too.

The Modi-fied Bengal Media

Snehangshu Adhikari

"Almost in a similar manner as Bharat Pathik Narendranath (read, Swami Vivekananda) had set out for his pan-Indian Journey a century ago, the modern-age Narendranath (read Gujrat-supremo Narendra Modi) seems to follow the same path."

Modi makes ripples in Kerala

M.Rajasekhara Panicker

With the headline,"What’s wrong if Modi leads: Singhal," The New Indian Express quoted VHP leader Ashok Singhal as saying, ``"Modi is the hero of Hindus and that’s why his name is being taken up by the Hindus. What’s wrong with him leading the country.” Speaking at a press conference in Kochi, Singhal added, ``"the country furiously supports him .People of the country support Narendra Modi and everywhere leaders are talking about him leading the country,” he said.

A moderate approach for Modi

Dhrutikam Mohanty

In an age of 'hyper-localisation' in media, national news is no longer making the headlines in regional news papers and television channels. Even some of the leading Odia news channels don’t have a specified time-slot for national news.

Much ado about nothing

Parimal Peeyush

With just about a year to go for the Lok Sabha polls in 2014, both the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have gone into campaign mode. Unlike previous years, the war is not only on conventional platforms, but also on the social media.

The valley stays aloof

Haroon Reshi

Unlike the media in the rest of the country covers the Nerindra Modi extensively, newspapers in Kashmir seem least interested to cover the news and the views about the guy who is trying to rise as a Prime Ministerial candidate in India.

No hype! Only Ground Realities

TSI Bureau

Shantilal was the founding father of a leading Gujarati daily that was extremely popular amongst the elite Gujaratis, in particular the business community, and had a tremendous impact on developments within the state.

Messengers of Muslim hostility

Syed Khurram Raza

"Modi's castle in the air demolished by Nitish's Topi bomb" was the headline of Urdu daily 'Sahafat' after Nitish Kumar's address at Janta Dal (United) National Executive meeting on 14thApril.

The life and times of Modi Bhai

Nilanjan Mukhopahyay

Two questions are before us. How was Narendra Modi covered? How did themedia get to know who Narendra Modi was?

How the Modi-Rahul fight is 65 years old

Sutanu Guru

So caught are most of us with the here and now that we tend to forget or ignore some delicious nuggets thrown up by history.