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Friday, January 18, 2019

Govt is by and for the corporate houses


SYED KHURRAM RAZA | New Delhi, March 5, 2012 12:30
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Unlike the Congress, if I say I am for the Aam Aadmi then I mean it as I am Aam Aadmi. I believe that the change is always a welcome sign in democracy and is in the interest of Aam Aadmi so if there is a change in UP, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Goa then I am for it.

If exit polls are to be relied on it is exit for the ruling regimes. It is good news. But for the Congress to make a comeback in three states would be a disturbing factor because they will say ‘see the results, does that not reflect the people mandate for the Congress’.

Where will this take the Aam Aadmi to? The opinion is that the next two years would be of Aam Aadmi because Congress would focus on 2014 Parliamentary elections.

Though the opposition and the media will forget everything after a few days and would only debate about the failure of ‘mission Rahul,’ people and political parties would obviously discuss the UP election results at length. Everyone will pedal his or her own logic.

Some may say that in Akhilesh Yadav the Samajwadi Party had a chief ministerial stuff whereas Congress didn’t. Also they might argue that the Congress fielded prime ministerial candidate in the election for the chief minister and they paid the price.

Others are convinced that Rahul should have understood that seniors in the Congress will never tolerate his rise. Moreover, the seniors in the Congress cannot be naive enough to give free run to Digvijay Singh as they too are in politics for long where question of survival is more important than party.

The other theory doing the round is that Muslim reservation card didn't yield positive results for the Congress or rather boomeranged as Hindu votes polarized. Also, some people are parroting the line that Akhilesh was able to gauge the voters' mood and played his cards well.

Also, he refused to accommodate D P Yadav. But I simply believe that SP’s win is the victory of Ambanis or rather corporate houses.

In my last blog (about a month ago) when I wrote that ‘who would be the Jhamoora of the Corporate Houses in UP’ many of my friends has asked the answer and I just replied that recent events suggests that SP would have the last laugh.

My logic is simple: How come Mulayam has become the first choice when he has not done anything to prove himself in the last five years. I do not buy anti-incumbency argument of experts. The mandate which Mayawati got in 2007 speaks volume about Mulayam’s regime. I strongly believe that good or bad governance was neither the issue in 2007 nor it is in 2012.

If developments in pre 2007 UP assembly elections are to be kept in mind we will see that Ambani brothers were not brothers but enemies and everyone knew that younger Ambani was with the SP and had invested a lot in UP like in Reliance petrol pumps which in no way was a good news for elder Ambani thus the atmosphere was created to crown the trusted Mulayam’s enemy. And all games from Mayawati’s social engineering to Mulayam’s goonda raj were played.

For five years younger Ambani was the looser. But this time things have changed and the two brothers patched up or rather elder Ambani came to rescue the younger one. In December Mulayam’s younger son and Akhilesh’s step brother, Prateek Yadav, got married in which younger Ambani flew to Safai to attend the wedding along with Big B. Long-time Mulayam's friend Sanjay Dalmia , who was maintaining distance from the SP chief because of Amar Singh, also attended the wedding.

Now with Ambani brothers no more enemies the situation automatically became conducive for SP. The situation was such that everyone started talking of SP as the front runner.

I remember that just about eight months ago when I used to talk against Mayawati and say that her government would not return to power, my friends in the media used to gang up against me, trying to convince me that Mayawati would return to power. I used to tell them that things would change and most likely the atmosphere would be good for the Congress and SP. As in those days there was no patch up between Ambani brothers so I had thought corporate houses would back the Congress.

One should also keep in mind the developments related to Anna movement. The movement should have been at its peak during the UP elections but the people didn't hear anything about Anna team. It appeared as if they don't exist. It tells in itself that how the movement was built and how it was managed.

So my take is the same old one that shots are called by corporate houses and not Aam Aadmi and the government is by and for the Corporate Houses. So, no need to elaborate that who would be the Jhamoora of Corporate Houses in UP!

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog are that of the author and does not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The Sunday Indian)
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