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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

World famous Konark Sun temple tilting?


SUDHEENDRA PANDA | Bhubaneswar, November 23, 2011 19:15
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A world known historical glory of Indian Architecture – the Sun temple of Konark- may fall down if proper care is not taken by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Renowned geologist Dr. Manmohan Mohanty claims that the temple is tilting from one side and this is due to lack of proper maintenance. Dr. Mohanty along with Prof. Murray of Denmark observed tilting of the temple in 2005 that has already tilted at least 15 to 20 degrees from its original standing at present. This observation had been seen in one slab which is called as mukti-mandap.

Dr Mohanty argues that if the mukti-mandap is tilting then it can be concluded that the temple itself is also tilting. He further says that Underground water in coastal Orissa is facing sediment compression-very much visible in Balasore and some other areas. And since the temple is located in coastal belt, the temple's foundation beneath is full of sands and mud. So the tilting of temple may have due to the process of sediment compression. If this process continues then the temple will definitely tilt and there is every possibility that slabs will lose its strength and fall down. To solve this unwanted tragedy proper investigation should be conducted.

An artistic excellence of Odiya sculpturists, Konark must be conserved and thus the theory of Dr. Mohanty must be taken seriously. In the last ten years or so the condition of Konark temple looks grim. Every year stone slabs are falling and it has been supplemented by either ordinary slabs or some repairing work is being done.

People blame the Archeological Survey of India for their utter negligence of protecting the world famous monument. Professor Murray a renowned geologist from Denmark who accompanied Dr. Mohanti says that the temple needs immediate attention. Because ASI, instead of taking precaution only applying chemicals, scrubbing the outer layer of mossy.

The ASI has failed in conserving and protecting the glorious monument of Odiya. If it is known to public then ASI will be target of public anger the way they are taking care of the temple.

Sravan Kumar, the conservation officer of ASI says that they have not seen any change in the structure. Stone slabs are falling for sure and yet proper investigation is not carried out. But his explanation is that now he is not in charge of sun temple. Another officer of ASI who keeps his name anonymous says that we don't know the reason of slabs fall but as the geologists are insisting then it may not be ruled out.

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