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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The winners of Rs 3,000 are...


TSI | Issue Dated: November 13, 2011, New Delhi
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India could be next

The article ‘Survival of the weakest’ by Arindam Chauduri on the worldwide Occupy Wall Street protests (TSI, Oct 30) not only correctly analyses the root causes of these popular outpourings but also provides the solution to address the growing unrest. If unemployment, poverty and inflation continue to rise at the present rate, it is only a matter of time when people – the poor, the hungry, the jobless – would come to the streets to protest in India also. It has been correctly illustrated in the article that it is for the countries, corporations and people to realise that in the interest of the weakest lies their interest. This calls for redefining the basic rules of the capitalist economy and create a business leadership which doesn’t ignore the marginalised. sections of the society. Time has come for us to identify with the downtrodden, for our own sake, if nothing else.
Uma Das


Perfect opportunity

It is nice to know that the editor-in-chief of TSI, Arindam Chaudhuri, will visit Africa in December this year and speak on education in a summit there. My best wishes. The editorial 'An entire continent without worthwhile access to education!' (TSI, Oct 23) opens our eyes and as a reader of TSI, I thank Arindam Chaudhuri for providing information that a few unfortunate countries – almost the entire continent of Africa – are not been able to provide basic needs to teach basic reading, writing and arithmetic to its children. The governments in African countries must understand that education will bring in higher earnings and increase labour market participation. Improving education will help their economy to grow at a faster speed. There is a need to create awareness at all levels among people including those working in government. I hope that Mr. Chaudhuri will utilise this opportunity by including all relevant points in his address on the need of spreading education.

Keshav Ram Singhal

Old Goa

Occupy wall street

What a fine analyses of the American capitalism in the background of economic unrest spreading in the form of Wall Street protests in different parts of the US, by Shri Arindam Chaudhuri in the cover story 'The end of Capitalism – US in distress' (TSI, Oct 30)! The amazing spread and longevity of the Occupy Wall Street protest in the heart of capitalist America underlines a new movement that poses uncomfortable questions for the votaries of the US style of capitalism. Another consciously engendered myth that the State under capitalism is a benign neutral entity has been shattered. True to its character, the capitalist State intervened to bail out those very financial giants who, in the first place, caused the current crisis. It is time for us to become better global citizens with a bigger heart for those marginalised by the society. Till then, protests.



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