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Friday, August 23, 2019

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TSI TEAM | Issue Dated: November 30, -0001, New Delhi

Outsourcing jails
This has reference to Arindam Chaudhuri's editorial, "Privatise and Outsource Prisons" (TSI, August 12). The editorial clearly confirms the view that a department cannot function properly if it goes under government administration. The other side of the coin is private administration. If anything comes under private management, it will achieve it objectives. Prisons also will not be an exception. Prisons are correctional homes.
R Brinda,

Anna exposed
Though the Lokpal Bill issue (TSI, August 5) made the headlines once again after a lull, with Team Anna reviving its anti-corruption agitation by going on fast in New Delhi putting pressure on Centre into submission of their demands exposed the real designs of Anna Hazare. Sadly it neither evoked enthusiasm from his supporters nor got the media attention as it had last year because the movement against corruption has lost its sheen due to allegations levelled against some of the leading members of the team like Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. Also, Team Anna's crusade against senior leaders of the ruling UPA without coming out with solid evidence and plausibly claiming credit for the alliance's electoral defeats shows the movement has diminished thus failing to cut ice with its supporters and the government. Keeping this in view, Team Anna calling off the fast by announcing its plans to join politics and floating a fourth front before General Elections 2014 sparks off a serious debate that India against corruption by Anna and later joined by Baba Ramdev appears to be moving in a wrong direction because the decision to turn the movement into a political one is an illogical move leading to self-destruction despite Team Anna's claim to enter Parliament and decentralise power in a bid to put an end to corruption.
R Srinivasan,

Tiwari truths
Apropos "Tiwari's spermanent solution" (TSI, August 12), I would like to state that it is shocking that a veteran Congressman who till now was onsidered as frontline flag-bearer of the party could be responsible for such inhuman behaviour. It would have been quite logical and appropriate for Tiwari to have married the lady prior to the delivery of the child. But by his all along refusal, a darker side of his character is revealed and the respect he was commanding within the Congress as well as outside is thoroughly tainted and he brought a bad name to the political fraternity.
Ranjit Sinha,

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