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Monday, August 3, 2020

Movie Review: 2 Guns


2 Guns
ISHAN RAYCHAUDHURI | New Delhi, September 27, 2013 11:11
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Denzel Washington is DEA agent Bobby Trench; Mark Wahlberg naval intelligence officer Stig Stigman and they have 

unwittingly discovered a corrupt scam run by a mysterious security chief, well played by Bill Paxton. That is what 2 Guns runs with and it does a pretty good job.

Baltasar Kormákur, the Icelandic actor-turned-director who starred in the 2008 thriller Reyjkavík-Rotterdam does a pretty good job of making the film tight and filled with some tough guys cliches, but the better ones… Yes there are scenes when the two blow something up and coolly walk away but who doesn’t?

The surprising part is that it is also a comedy. Imagine ‘The Heat’, that  girl cops action comedy which was awesome? Now imagine the plot line written for Michael Bay. This is what you would kinda get. The film is opinionated. It doesn’t try to be perfect and it is better for that reason.

Of course, with Wahlberg and Washington in the lead, you can be sure that you are in for one hell of a ride. Recently good action movies weren’t really coming in, but this one does freshen things up. Go watch it.

Director: Baltasar Kormákur

Cast:  Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Paula Patton, Bill Paxton


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