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Friday, September 24, 2021

Kaiga nuclear power plant poses health hazard


SAHANA ATTUR | Mangalore, January 4, 2012 13:56
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There seems to be no end to the woes of Kaiga residents. Deadly diseases have been detected among the local people as they are exposed to nuclear radiation that leaks out from the Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP). Around 99 tuberculosis cases are reported so far. More number of cancer, anemia, weakness, and disability cases has been found. Biotic system of entire region has been badly affected due to the excessive storage of nuclear radiation in the atmosphere.
Vishweshwara Hegade Kageri, minister of Primary and Secondary Education and also the district in-charge minister of Uttara Kannada told TSI, “We wrote a letter to Central Government to scrutinize the entire situation of this region. State government is also gathering information. Once we get the proper report, we will take the action accordingly”.
But the agitating villagers allege that even though situation has continued to be worsening, the government is unwilling to take any action. Shyamanath Naik, leader of agitation said, “Scientific study conducted long ago has revealed that nearby villages of KNPP fall under the dangerous zone. Life is not possible in this region. Yet the government has not taken any action for the rehabilitation of the residents. People are diagnosed with cancer, TB, abortion and other serious illness. If the catastrophe of Japan takes place here also, then who will be responsible for the safety of local people?”
The nuclear radiations in the atmosphere have reduced the fertility of soil as well. It has posed a threat to marine bodies also. Lack of infrastructure is also one of the serious problems of this region.
Protests by the people and the environmentalists in the region forced the Union Government to order TATA Monitoring Cell (TMC) to conduct Health Survey. But the local people have little faith in TMC as it is a part of BARC, which is also the custodian of KNPP. They are of the opinion that TMC cannot come up with an objective report.
According to sources, nowhere in India such deadly diseases have so far been found in the vicinity of nuclear power plants. Moreover, expose to nuclear radiation causes skin cancer. But no such cases (skin cancer) have been reported  in the Kaiga region till date.

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