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Finding moorings anew


Jassi (far left); Vikram Singh (centre); Harnandi Devi at Rana Old Age Home
TSI | Issue Dated: May 13, 2007
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Finding moorings anew It’s the phase of life that one would have wished to enjoy the fruits of his Grihasthya. But alas, for some, the family that they had toiled to nurture finds it difficult to bear their inevitable infirmities. And it is this apathy that makes a place like Rana Old Age Home, South Delhi, even with all its cushy arrangements, mirror all that’s insensitive about our society.

Currently sheltering six members, who haven’t much to complain about here, except life itself, Rana Home takes care of all basic amenities in the most empathetic manner. Most of them unwell, there are maids and a doctor dedicated to them 24/7. But even then, to believe anyone claiming to come here by choice here is tough order.

The imposed loneliness which besets them with a resigned endurance was evident on Jassi, a former steno. Here since her family decided they could no longer support her after she met with an accident four years ago, Jassi says, “I’m waiting for my final calling as there’s little else I can do. Life is different from what it used to be; everyone here is suffering, from some or the other ailment, I guess it’s all karma.”

Although the bills are taken care of and regular visits by the families of a lucky few are in order, nobody is interested in taking them back and neither are they keen themselves. Television is popular recreation, besides taking walks and gossiping with each other. All of them well-off in their best days, they find little to complain about still. Vikram Singh an ex-MTNL admin personnel says, “I get my food and water on time, and I’m thankful for that.” Harnandi Devi is however envied, for her well settled sons with their wives along with grandchildren regularly visit her. Craving for love they extravagantly lavished back in their prime, they have reason to be grateful to have found it in each other’s company while biding time for the Final Goodbye…
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