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One of India’s top models and soon to be seen in Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2, Sahil Shroff spills some secrets about his enviable physique...
AAKANKSHA MALHOTRA/ NISHITA MAHAJAN | New Delhi, November 1, 2011 20:06
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What does health and fitness mean to you?

My health and fitness is a priority for me. It’s an important part of my life and my highest focus.

When and how did you realise the importance of fitness?

I’ve been a sportsman all my life, so when you are playing sports all your life you don’t realise the importance of it. But when you quit sports and pick up some bad habits, you realise that you don’t feel so good. Life isn’t really the same, and your mind doesn’t work better. That was my key moment. After I quit playing sports, I realised that I have to be fit all my life because only then I will feel much better. And, now, I am a much better person and I’m also fit and healthy.

Tell us your daily fitness and exercise regimen.

My daily routine is very well balanced. I wake up in the morning and I do a little bit of yoga and meditation, combined with stretching. I don’t like to do too much of asanas in the morning. Then I have a healthy breakfast, which consists of oats and fruits. I have another helping of fruits at around 12 pm. I’m a fishetarian. I don’t eat meat. I only eat fish, so that is what my meals consist of. My exercise routine in the evening is playing basketball, football or practising taekwondo. I juggle between these three for cardio. I do cardio about three to four times a week and very light weight training. I enjoy every bit of it. It keeps me healthy and energetic. I’m a very energetic person anyway, so it also helps me control my energy levels and keep a balance.

At what age did you get into modelling? Modelling always demands a good physique. So apart from sculpting a good body, do you also believe in the wellness of the mind and soul?

Modelling has been here and there all my life, but I’ve been modelling on a serious level for about six years. I started when I was about 25. It is definitely very important to exercise for the wellness of the mind and soul. People don’t realise that working on the body and keeping fit helps you keep a healthy mind. In the morning, I do meditation and yoga to keep the mind healthy. So I try and balance it out. In the mornings I focus on the mind and in the evenings on physical fitness. It’s all very important.

How is the training schedule of a model different than that of an athlete?

Athletes focus more on their fitness than their physical appearance. A model’s training also involves his physical appearance and how he looks. So in my case, I have a balance of both. It’s appearance as well as fitness. So I train like an athlete, but I have to look like a model.

Didn’t you ever want to get into any sport or body building?

I was actually very interested. I was keen on playing football when I was younger, but circumstances pushed me away from sports. So I didn’t continue it.

Who do you think has the best body in Hollywood and Bollywood?

I think the best body would be Jason Statham’s. There is a friend of mine in Australia who has one of the best bodies I have ever seen. In Bollywood, you know, they are all very good. I know a lot of them who have good bodies. Hrithik is in good shape.

All actors work on their physique today. Do you think it’s important for an actor to have a great body even if the role doesn’t require it?

I think an actor has to adjust to the role. For a person who goes to office and works for hours a week, being particularly muscular doesn’t really make sense, but to be decently fit and healthy is what makes sense. For an actor, there isn’t any need to go over the top. It depends on the character, of course. 


Get ripped, the Sahil way!


  • Cardio: I play basketball or soccer three to four days in a week.

  • Leg raises: 9-12 sets with 20 repetitions. Three times a week.

  • Crunches with light weights:  25-30 times in 12-15 sets. Three continuous days in a week.

  • Cross-over crunches: 25-30 sets for 10-15 minutes. Three times a week.

  • Planks: Once or twice a week for two minutes.

  • Eat right and eat well. Eat sweets, but to a limit and drink limited amount of alcohol.

  • A glass of wine is good for the body.

  • You should get off the food table slightly hungry.

  • Never fill your stomach with food.

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