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TSI | Issue Dated: August 19, 2012, New Delhi

Assam affair
This refers to the article "The beginning or the end!" (TSI, August 12) on Assam's ethnic violence. Due to ethnic clashes between Bodos and Bengali-speaking Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh in Kokrajhar and two other districts in Assam, more than 40 people have been killed while  several others were displaced. The riots are the results of shortcomings of the formation of Bodoland Territorial Council and conflict between Bodos and immigrant minorities from Bangladesh over occupation of land by Muslim settlers. As barbaric killings and torching of houses reflect the biggest humanitarian crisis the nation faces, Assam continues to burn. Now the government should take strong steps to end the untold terror in Assam by showing political will and determination to tackle the long-pending issue. Only then safety of people can be ensured, otherwise further harm and incalculable loss cannot be ruled out.

Saffron shine
The editorial by Arindam Chaudhury "As the only national party... India!" (TSI, August 5) very courageously brought a fact to the fore that the BJP actually is the only party with mass leaders of various proportions spread nationally. However, at the same time is it not also universally true that it is the only party with mass level of protests, predicaments, paradoxes and plenty of wars within itself to rise to the pole star of politics of what we may call the prime minister of India. The image of the BJP has now ideologically and philosophically plummeted especially following the exit of Atal Bihari Vajpayee from active politics. There is no denying of the fact that the BJP came into existence with an array of innovative and jingoistic agenda but unfortunately the debacle of the NDA government in getting mandate for the second time at the centre and the fiasco of the very catchy slogan of "Shining India" proved Waterloo for the party.
Shreeprakash Sharma,

Molestation menace
This refers to the special report "Special Courts Needed", (TSI, August 12) on crime against women. Ours is the nation where women presence in Parliament stands at 11 per cent and even was headed by a woman president. But the recurrence of barbaric molestation incidents indeed leave a blot on our democracy. The  plight of a wretched girl searching for safety in Guwahati when she was molested by a group of perverts recently reminded me of a footage in a popular animal programming channel where a group of desperate predators hunting their innocent prey in a dense forest. The irony is that despite the incident happening a few yards away from a police station, it took full 30 minutes for the law enforcers to react while politicians said the victim's outfit  provocative. But, can they really assure that a woman wearing a saree can safely return home even in broad day light.
Santhosh Kumar,

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