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TSI | Issue Dated: August 12, 2012, New Delhi

Congress crisis
In the editorial by Arindam Chaudhuri ''As the only national party... India!'', there is no doubt that Pranab Mukherjee will always be known as one of the best Prime Ministers, India has never had. And Congress is going to miss him badly during all crisis situation and in all parliamentary debates where he rescued party many times. But having said that, whether BJP will utilise this opportunity or not is yet to be confirmed because BJP has not been grabbing the same in the past. And yes, BJP has mass leaders like Modi who can help the party to gain lost ground and it is about time when BJP along with its NDA allies decide on its PM candidate and take first mover advantage. Because the way political scenario unfolds at Delhi and Congress is mismanaging its allies, no one know whether elections happen in 2014 or before, hence BJP can not afford to rest and prepare its strong cadre base to be ready for the elections.
Bal Govind,

In reference to the article "From Ironman to Hanuman" (TSI, June 29), a person who was seen as a paradigm of strength in the nation, Dara Singh Randhawa, was no ordinary mortal. His 6.2" height and the build of a wrestler made him stand out wherever he went. He inspired many Indians and most of today's wrestlers say they drew from his example. He was not only the film industry's original He-man but also the country's strongman. It is said that in his prime he would have a breakfast of 100 eggs and a glass or two of milk. This may be an apocryphal episode but given his aura no one was willing to dispute the feat. After all, fantastic stories can be weaved around only fantastic people like him. That's how his fans and admirers will always remember him. They say the measure of a man is how people look at him after he is dead. The outpouring of tributes announced after the death of this gentle giant from not only Punjab but the entire India is a fair indication of respect he had earned from Indians.
 P Arihanth,

It is in reference to the cover story 'Indian Sport Set For A Big Leap', where you have sent across an emphatic message to rest of the world that the days have gone when the Indian contingent used to visit Olympics just to add to the number of spectators. Because now it has ample 'muscle power', 'fire power' and 'punch power' to snatch the gold from the world. So as far as my philosophy knowledge goes, victory doesn't reside in body – but in mind. And our sportsmen have learnt to carve ‘multi-packs in mind’ to turn it invincible. Be it wrestling, shooting, boxing, badminton, tennis or hockey, this time the Indian contingent indeed seems to be formidable. I wish we had some better pair of limbs to conquer the tracks as well.
New Delhi

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