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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Cover Story

The Midterm Jump-Start

Pramod Kumar

It has been a story of surgical strikes for the BJP government these past few months: first the strike cross-border against Pakistan, and now the strike against black money with demonetization....

Two to Tango

Dineh Tejveer Singh

The ruling National Democratic Alliance government is all set to prepare a roadmap to foster new levels of defence ties with the US under which American defence companies will be.....


Special Report

The Cauvery Cauldron

R K Sudama

As predicted by the waterman of India, Rajendra Singh, water wars are being fought in India; and in South India, two major states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have been locked in an intense battle ......

Autumn of Discontent

Anil Anand

Autumn has set in, and the valley of Kashmir has been enveloped by the crimson blanket of falling Chinar leaves. This is a prelude to the snowy white cover expected during ‘Chil e Kalan’, traditionally .....

Collateral Damage

Rajendra Kumar

There is a reason why Uttar Pradesh weighs so heavy in the Indian political scene. Since Independence, the parties which have ruled the Centre have gone to rule it via Uttar Pradesh. All these factors .....

Special Story

The Land War Looms

Mahendra Karma

Jharkhand is simmering. But if you are watching mainstream news channels, you would not know it. The issue in the eye of storm is the possible amendment of the Chotanagpur Tenancy/Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act. The ruling dispensation under CM Raghuvar Das is all set to introduce the amendment in the current session.....

The Calcutta Closure

Rajat Roy

On the Durgapur Expressway, 40 km away from Kolkata, the sprawling blue sheds of Tata Motors’ half-finished Nano manufacturing plant stood for eight years. Now, after.....

Rear Window

The Trump Triumph

Philip Weiss

The Egyptian revolution of February 2011 was one of the most joyful political moments of my life and for many others too. It seemed to show the path forward in countless ways, from the liberator role played .....



On the Brink of Ethnic Warfare

Wahab Raofi

Afghanistan now finds itself falling toward bloody civil chaos – not because of ethnic rivalries, but because of bad governance .....


Demonetization done; taxes next

Prasoon Majumdar

I do not remember of any national phenomenon as the way demonetization has impacted every citizen in our country. I was too young to remember days of emergency in the late 70s or the demonetization ......


Far Pavilion

The Great White Hope?

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

It takes a lot to prove Nate Silver wrong. Nate Silver, the man who did not make one wrong prediction in almost a decade and a half of his electoral forecasting. Yet, when the results for the ......


History Mail

John Martin to Charles Bukowski

John Martin

In 1969, publisher John Martin offered to pay Charles Bukowski $100 each and every month for the rest of his life, on one condition.....


Book Review

Some Reporters spend their working lives as Stenographers for the powerful

Chris Hedges

Were you immediately made aware of the power that the Times gave you, as well as its limitations? Yes. I didn’t abide by the pool system.....


I am Duran

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

If you are a boxer and don’t compete in the Heavyweight or Super Heavyweight categories, life is going to be a tad difficult. It will be more so if you want fame more than money.....



Saurabh Kumar Shahi

A year and a half ago, when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Europe, no one would have expected any surprise. It was a banal, bilateral visit and most of the media was treating.....



David Swanson

Some of the most misguided questions ever conceived by the human brain take the form of "But how do you use nonviolence against ......


Grassroots Innovation

S Sathya

India may be one of the fastest growing economies of the world, yet everyday, India’s teeming millions are toiling hard on land, struggling for a glass of potable drinking water and failing......



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