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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Cover Story

Wither Security?

Navneet Rajan

"Border Security Force foils infiltration bid in Kupwara District,"... "Army stops infiltration bid in Kashmir Valley”...


Special Report

Another Tripura in the Making?

Monalisa Gogoi

After six years of agitation and 855 martyred youths, the Assam Accord was signed. The accord stated that Assam would not accept the burden of a single illegal migrant who had come to the state after 25 March, 1971....

Security Threat or Boogeyman?

Sanjay Srivastava

India is made up of immigrants. It has always been. The original inhabitants, Kols and Bheels, are so less in numbers that they are classified as Scheduled Tribes.....

The Endless Wait

Bhavani Kuchi

Tamil Nadu continues to live with the blot of being the theatre of assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi; but not to forget, on the contrary, its professional ......

Sanctions as a Weapon

Fikrejesus Amahazion

During one of his debates with Socrates, Ancient Greek philosopher Thrasymachus alleges that "justice is nothing else than the interest of the stronger”.....

Special Story

The Great Divide

Pramod Kumar

If the phrase "Between the rock and the hard place" was ever fit for someone, it is for the refugees who migrated from the then West Pakistan to India. Although the city of Jammu is home......

A Bridge Too Far

K R Sudhaman

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently unveiled a seven-point strategy to double the income of farmers by 2022. This is a welcome development....

Document of Farce

Vijai Sharma

The ruling party in the Centre, the BJP, has a clear stand on illegal migrants. For BJP, the illegal migrants are mainly Muslims who come to India, either on forged documents or infiltrate .....

Rear Window

A Glorified Colony

Richard Falk

When President Barack Obama visited Hiroshima this year, there was an effort to persuade him to put Okinawa on his travel itinerary, but as has happened frequently throughout the long tortured history of Okinawa....


Far Pavilion

Die Another Day

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

The European Union is an incestuous institution. It has always been one. And present and past leadership have made sure that it would remain so in the years to come.....


History Mail

Spike Milligan to a Fan

Spike Milligan

In February of 1977, a disgruntled fan named Stephen Gard wrote to legendary comedian Spike Milligan with a number of complaints about his recently published, autobiographical account of World War II, Monty


Book Review

The Return

Rayyan Al-Shawaf

When Hisha Matar was 12 years old, a hair-raising incident revealed to him just how marked a man his father Jaballa, a Libyan exile agitating against Moammar Gadhafi’s regime, had become. Matar......


Democratic Musings

Mahtab Alam

On being asked whether he was apolitical after being elected as vice president of the Indian Union, Mohammed Hamid Ansari’s answer was both surprising as well as instructive....


Who moved my interest rate?

S Sathya

The global financial crisis did not take a heavy toll on India. Yet, ordinary Indians had to combat high inflation and higher interest rates. India’s growth story suffered too.....


Mind Control, Online

Mara Einstein

When Pokémon Go burst into the scene a few months ago, it also spawned quite a few memes on the social media. One of the most striking of them ......


Homo Deus

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

When Pokémon Go burst into the scene a few months ago, it also spawned quite a few memes on the social media. One of the most striking of them was a meme that carried the photo of a major Motorway leading to Chicago, US, with an ....



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