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Thursday, December 2, 2021

The man with Many faces

November 24, 2012 14:29

Over the last 35 years, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta has donned many a hat, each more elegantly that the last.

MW: The journey of an Agent Provocateur

September 7, 2012 20:47

What can you say of a journalist whose blog is named after a British lingerie company? Well, for the lack of another word, you call him Kanchan Gupta. The veteran journalist has never played by the rules, having worked under some of the biggest stalwarts of Indian journalism – MJ Akbar, Sunanda K Datta-Ray and Vinod Mehta to name a few.

The Complete Channel Man

August 3, 2012 17:56

Before he can finish his answer to the first question, Sudheer Chowdhary gets interrupted four times with people poking their heads into the office, asking him something or the other.

Down Goes The Final Frontier Post

July 6, 2012 11:59

This was an unimaginable shock. The ‘Sharabkhana’ or the Bush House Club was empty on a Friday evening. Though I was always teased as a ‘juicewalla’ by my lager-guzzling friends, I grew up admiring the spirit of the place.

Will be in the trenches with my team

July 6, 2012 11:39

She had science for her class XII exam, graduated in philosophy honours from Delhi’s St. Stephen’s College and did her Masters in Communication Studies from Pune University before ending up with a career in matters that deal with business and finance.That is Shereen Bhan for you, the beautiful Executive Editor of CNBC TV 18.

When people say why now, that's the time to retire

June 2, 2012 18:30

Naqvi Dada, as the News Director of Aaj Tak is fondly called in the media circles, has hung up his boots. It is an end of an era at Aaj Tak.

Like father, like son

April 26, 2012 14:59

Born to the illustrious Janardhan Thakur of Bihar, journalism happened to Sankarshan Thakur as a natural choice.

Finding her niche

March 23, 2012 16:35

She was among the first women scribes to break the glass-ceiling in journalism. Whether it was agreeing to do night shifts or taking up hard news beats, Coomi Kapoor proved to her critics that women journalists are as capable and daring as their male counterparts, writes Agnibesh Das.

Beware of his chakravyuh

December 16, 2011 18:10

It’s a packed newsroom, but the book in his hand seems to have occupied his thoughts completely. Seeing us approach he keeps it aside and beams a broad, affable smile. If his warmth and friendliness are anything to judge him by, Vijai Trivedi, Consulting Editor, NDTV India, cannot nearly be the journalist who brought a veteran leader of the opposition down, ruffled the composure of a mighty chief minister in a live talk, and confounded dozen others out of their wits.

He has a Mudda to raise!

November 18, 2011 15:40

He has had arguments about the show with his bosses. He has huge icons to deal with, like Rajdeep Sardesai and Ashutosh. But, each time, it is he and his wits that have prevailed.

Business in the box

October 30, 2011 17:49

Zee’s ‘business’ man Samir Ahluwalia believes in innovation and continued hard work. In a candid talk with ANANDO BHAKTO, he tells us about his profession, his family, and how the commitment to help people make informed business decisions took Zee where it is today.

A nose for news

August 1, 2011 16:33

One of NDTV’s star anchors, Vikram Chandra, took up journalism inspired by his mother. Two decades on, he is himself a role model for many. MW presents a peep into the world of a man who has been-there-done-that in the relentless pursuit of news

The gift of the gab

August 1, 2011 14:55

A small town girl from Ranchi, Anjana Kashyap’s avid interest in debates and her determination to do big in the electronic media helped her evolve as a renowned anchor

A man ahead of his times

July 1, 2011 18:22

He is only 30. He gets up much after the crack of the dawn. His bedroom looks like a military operations room and after logging in nearly 17 hours of work, he crashes on his bed at well half past mid-night.

A sports journo, a bit by design, a bit by default

June 1, 2011 10:24

How many Test hundreds does Sachin have? The question, live on NDTV, came from none other than Dr Prannoy Roy. The answer, alas, was off the mark. The sports editor and Star Sports anchor had got it wrong!


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