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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Waiting For Chinnamma

February 5, 2017 13:35

In Tamil Nadu, ‘after Jayalalithaa who’ is the question that is keeping the nation hooked on to the state’s colourful and sometimes stormy politics that is peppered with film stars, celebrities, ......

Budgetary Blues And Expectations

February 5, 2017 13:35

In a few weeks time from now, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will be tabling the General Budget for 2017-18, the penultimate one before the NDA government must perforce seek the mandate of the .....

A Roller Coaster Year

February 5, 2017 13:35

On the field, Indian sports could not have asked for a happier ending of 2016, which saw many highs than lows. The Men in Blue finished at the top of the ICC’s test ......

The Calcutta Closure

January 5, 2017 08:15

On the Durgapur Expressway, 40 km away from Kolkata, the sprawling blue sheds of Tata Motors’ half-finished Nano manufacturing plant stood for eight years. Now, after.....

The Land War Looms

January 5, 2017 08:15

Jharkhand is simmering. But if you are watching mainstream news channels, you would not know it. The issue in the eye of storm is the possible amendment of the Chotanagpur Tenancy/Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act. The ruling dispensation under CM Raghuvar Das is all set to introduce the amendment in the current session.....

A Bridge Too Far

December 5, 2016 07:08

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently unveiled a seven-point strategy to double the income of farmers by 2022. This is a welcome development....

Document of Farce

December 5, 2016 07:08

The ruling party in the Centre, the BJP, has a clear stand on illegal migrants. For BJP, the illegal migrants are mainly Muslims who come to India, either on forged documents or infiltrate .....

The Great Divide

December 5, 2016 07:08

If the phrase "Between the rock and the hard place" was ever fit for someone, it is for the refugees who migrated from the then West Pakistan to India. Although the city of Jammu is home......

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

November 5, 2016 06:55

The ruling National Progressive Alliance government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached out to private defence players.....

Feeling The Pulse

November 5, 2016 06:55

Three years ago farmers in Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu, one of the driest areas of the state, congregated at Edayampati village.....

A Private Matter

October 5, 2016 06:11

The big news in the Defence Sector last month was the cancellatin of a billion dollars’ worth of contract for the Multi-Role Tanker-Transport aircraft.....

The Sultan Strikes Back

October 5, 2016 06:11

If the modern saga of friend-turned-foe is ever written, the neo-Sultan of Ankara and his self-exiled friend from Pennsylvania will......

Women in Mau Mau Uprising

October 5, 2016 06:11

The Mau Mau revolt is shrouded in mystery. A group of Kenyan men and women seemed to have run away to the mountains and managed ......

Sleepless in Tehran

October 5, 2016 06:11

The 230th birthday of the capital Tehran is being celebrated in a festival, dubbed Tehran 230, in the oldest districts of .....

A New Chapter in Waiting?

July 5, 2016 20:34

India is seen to be warming up to US as Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the US Congress on 8 June 2016 during his fourth visit after coming to power in May 2014......


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