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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tejpal creates a storm


PUJA AWASTHI | New Delhi, November 29, 2013 11:30
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The reactions to the complaint of sexual assault against Tehelka’s founder-editor Tarun Tejpal have ranged between extremes. Tejpal’s own responses have gone from being apologetic to defiant; with him now claiming that the BJP lies behind the charges. Though he should hardly expect it to be believed that the `drunken banter’ he now hides behind could have driven him to the `atonement’ he had initially chosen for himself. In pointing out that the complainant was partying and messaging friends till late in the night after the alleged assault, Tejpal has stooped to the lowest kind of finger pointing. Meanwhile the girl’s family has filed a complaint alleging intimidation by Tejpal’s family, and the Goa police have issued an alert for Tejpal at all ports and airports. Managing editor Shoma Chaudhury’s name might also be added to the FIR against Tejpal with the charge of having tried to suppress the matter by dubbing it ‘internal’ and one in which Tejpal’s apology had satisfied the victim.

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