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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Media Watch

July 2011

Supplementary Issue


Why journalists are the soft targets...

Seema Mustafa

A senior crime reporter, well known in all circles as a honest, hardworking journalist, is murdered in broad daylight. And all that the Mumbai police and the state home minister have to offer till date is conjecture and theories.

Cover Story

The Regional Superpowers


Think of the word ‘language’ and it connotes myriad concepts: ‘medium’, ‘expression’, ‘communication’ and most of all, ‘connect’. More so, how interesting is this whole world of languages which encapsulates several dialects within one language, thereby making that ‘connect’ stronger, and more accessible.

Wedded to print

Onkareshwar Pandey and Rohit Manchanda

His calm and cool demeanour hides a razor sharp brain and intelligent observations, as it should. After all Sanjay Gupta is the CEO and Editor of Dainik Jagran, a 37 edition Hindi Daily newspaper published from 11 states of India. In an exclusive interview to Onkareshwar Pandey and Rohit Manchanda, Gupta shares his vision for the publication which has emerged as one of the most influential dailies.

Eenadu: Outclassing all rivals


It was in 1974 that a man fed up with the then largest circulated Telugu newspaper, Andhra Prabha, decided to venture into the media industry. It was not easy. Those were the licence raj days and it was extremely difficult to get newsprint quota.

New Media

Making sense over Google AdSense


After reading an article about how to make money from Google AdSense (a programme where a partnering website can get paid for displaying “targeted” Google ads), Sofia Haque (name changed) dived into the online publishing industry by launching a news portal. Once the domain was booked and layout completed, she applied for the most-talked about AdSense, a free programme that empowers online publishers to earn quick revenue.

International Media Watch

39 journalists killed in Pakistan since 1992

Shahid Husain

Journalists in Pakistan as across the world reacted very sharply to the brutal murder of Asia Times Online journalist Saleem Shahzad. Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), the central body representing journalists across Pakistan staged a dharna (sit-in) in front of the Parliament House in Islamabad that was joined by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Chairperson Asma Jahangir and other concerned citizens.

Journalists report at their own peril

Media Watch

Nepal’s prolonged political transition has been marked by rampant impunity. The absence of any convictions for war time crimes, the increase in political influences on independent state institutions, and the frequent recourse to violence by political parties and their fraternal organisations has all resulted in a culture where the most ruthless of crimes can go unpunished.

The ‘Agenda’ Setback

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

With the notable exception of Iran, none of the countries in the world has seen such intense media scrutiny on its election as Turkey. And that is not new. It all started way back in 2003 when the then Turkish Government under PM Erdoğan refused the US passage to attack Iraq.

Journos hit hard in conflict zone Pakistan

Malik Siraj Akbar

The US’ decision to keep Pakistan in dark about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden was no surprise seeing the history of Pakistan’s intelligence services. On May 29, Sayed Saleem Shahzad, the Pakistan bureau chief for the Asia Times, headed to a television studio to be interviewed.

Media Trend Graph

Analysis of the coverage

Media Watch

Fifa has not yet recovered from the adverse reactions to the Russia and Qatar; this internal strife supports external charges of corruption against the governing body of world soccer.

Regional Media Watch

Regional media

Media Watch

There is not a single dropout student found in the village; there are scores of teachers, three doctors and a few public servants. That is how they have set a model for others...

International Column

Most Dangerous Country for Journalists

Media Watch

Saleem Shahzad, the bureau chief of the Hong Kong-based Asia Times Online in Pakistan, went missing in Islamabad on May 29 and his body was found two days later in a canal in Mandi Bahauddin in Punjab province.

Guest Column

Unwilling to test the limits

Jehan Perera

A tourist or casual visitor to Sri Lanka may be impressed by the number of newspapers and magazines available in the news stands and the multiplicity of electronic media channels, as by the appearance of post-war normalcy.

The questioning spirit is still alive...

Media Watch

“How different is your present role as a Member of Parliament from your previous role as an editor?” Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay asked me practically at the end of the interview for the Lok Sabha TV under his series “Ekla Chalo”.

Exchanging the Sword for the Pen

Media Watch

Some professionals in the world of fashion opine that the fine coordination required when models walk the ramp, is easier today. The modelling schools have been a great asset in providing a bevy of standardised beauties. They are about the same weight, height and shape; scorch the hearts with similar strides and swirls; and perhaps, pout and pivot not too differently even after the show is over.


A man ahead of his times

Media Watch

He is only 30. He gets up much after the crack of the dawn. His bedroom looks like a military operations room and after logging in nearly 17 hours of work, he crashes on his bed at well half past mid-night.


In defiance of Time and technology

Syed Khurram Raza

A newspaper in Chennai still uses outdated techniques in preparing and producing the paper. The editor claims that the readers want to see the paper that way. It is being published from Chennai, is one of the oldest Urdu language newspapers in India.