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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Media Watch


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Cover Story

Media exposed

Anubha Bhonsle Senior Editor, CNN-IBN

There are several challenges facing our media in the years ahead. Paid news is just one of them. There are other critical issues that we need to tackle

Do we need a media council?

Arvind Radhakrishnan Assistant Professor, School of Law, Christ University

There can be no doubt whatsoever that the image of the Indian media has taken a beating in the year gone by. It is time for everyone to wake up and smell the coffee

"Indian Media in middle of a perfect storm"

Aditya Raj Kaul

India's top-notch blogger and novelist Sidin Vadukut based in the United Kingdom, best known for his jokes on the social media, in an exclusive interview with Aditya Raj Kaul comments on the standards of Indian media and how the social media is disrupting the government's monopoly on sending a message

Divided and discredited

Sutanu Guru Managing Editor The Sunday Indian

The Indian media has dug itself into quite a hole in the recent past. Yet, hope for the future does not seem all that elusive either

Victims of the rat race

Dr AS Balasubramanya Chairman, Dept of Mass Comm, Karnatak University

With the most media houses obsessed with meeting TRP and advertisement targets, the Press Council has so far been unable to regulate the media

"A regime of businessmen & Chitfundwallahs”

Snehangshu Adhikari

Manash Ghosh, of The Staesman is not very optimistic about the future of Indian media. In an exclusive interview with Snehangshu Adhikari, he expresses his conviction that paid news is a cancer that has spread across all kinds of media in the country and also speaks on how the emergence and dominance of corporate media spells trouble for the entire fraternity

Whither freedom?

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta Independent journalist,educator and author

There have been too many instances of media houses and journalists transgressing limits. And the Press Council of India has proven to be a toothless tiger

"Media more keen on Fashion Weeks than Farmers Suicides”

Haroon Reshi

Riyaz Masroor, 40, is a multimedia journalist based in Srinagar. He is presently working for BBC World Service, covering all the regions of Jammu and Kashmir. He has been covering the state for more than a decade and a half, for various media houses, including newspapers, TV and radio. In an interview with Haroon Reshi, he throws light on the different aspects of media related issues and the challenges ahead for journalism

"There is a lack of leadership in sports journalism today”

Agnibesh Das

"I think the biggest problem is, most of the young journalists and junior reporters today do not have editors who are good enough to lead them".