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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Media Watch


Supplementary Issue

Cover Story

A battle between brothers

Sutanu Guru, Managing Editor

Most Indians would have missed this battle. Even hacks who keep track of the media as part of their profession would have probably missed it.

The double edged sword

Neerja Chowdhury

There are many things to commend the social media, even for those of us who have spent all our lives in the comfort zone of the mainstream media.

Not a revolution yet

Ravish Kumar

Revolutions, movements and demonstrations were there even before the advent of social media.

Social Media the new mainstream media?

Aditya Raj Kaul

Social media is increasingly being seen as the fastest mode of news dissemination. This may cause a severe jolt to the mainstream media if marketing experts see more growth on the web.

The use and misuse of Social Media

Prateek Shah

Somebody recently commented "If social media was present during the days of Rani Lakshmi Bai and Mangal Pandey, India would have become a free country much before 1947".

A one man army

Bharat Malhotra

Once someone asked the editor of, Sanjay Tiwari about the address of his office and the answer was, "It is in my jhola (bag).”

In the Centre of Right

Anuradha Preetam

A couple of years ago, a few friends, along with some like minded individual bloggers, who did not know each other personally formed a group because "the challenge of maintaining individual blogs was overwhelming".

In every Gali, Nukkad and Mohalla

Bharat Malhotra

Avinash had a well paying job with the NDTV. All was running smooth until something unknown drove Avinash on to this path.

Regional bloggers


Sampadakeeya in Kannada means ‘editorial’ and is doing just that - the job of an editor.


Perhaps, dissent muzzled

Seema Mustafa, Editor, TSI Media Watch

Despite large scale protests by the journalist community the Delhi police has not yet filed a chargesheet against Urdu journalist and commentator on Iran and Arab affairs, Syed Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi.


When people say why now, that's the time to retire

Anuradha Preetam

Naqvi Dada, as the News Director of Aaj Tak is fondly called in the media circles, has hung up his boots. It is an end of an era at Aaj Tak.


Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

Since the phone hacking incident in Britain blew up, experts and industry insiders alike have come out with their respective versions of what awaits Murdoch and his empire and if the fighter would finally throw in his towel.


'I wanted to present my own impressions alongside solid facts'

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

Whatever works! There are stories that are better told as fiction, as exercises of imagination. With fiction, you can take the reader into the heads and experiences of characters directly and forge an emotional connection. In non-fiction this is much harder to achieve.

Regional Media Watch

Brave acts that created a ripple in various parts of the country


On August 1, 2011, in the run up to the SGPC elections, the Vice-Chancellor of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University, Dr Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia, was shot at in the university campus at Fatehgarh Sahib.


Baghdad Revisited

Satish Jacob

A fortnight before Christmas, I was asked to visit Baghdad by an American TV channel which was running short of regular staff during the holiday season.