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Sunday, July 12, 2020
Governance Watch

Governance Watch

Supplementary Issue

From the Editor

Whither civil society?

Ranjit Bhushan, Editor, Governance Watch TSI

For a country where democratic institutions have for thousands of years dominated body politic and civic life, 2013 is likely to present the most serious challenge yet to its political and social processes.

Special Story

Olympian mess threatens Indian champions

Ajay Rana

As an ardent sports loving Indian, you may day dream of turning your country into a sporting powerhouse.

Cover Story

NCW a place for political appointees

Dr Ranjana Kumari

The Status of Women Report 1975 had correctly identified that the biggest problem for women is not just conferring the status due to them but also absence of adequate laws, budget, programmes and projects.

'There are five notified minorities in India'

KS Narayanan

We have five minorities notified as early as 1993 (the law came into force in 1992). They are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhist and the Parsis.

Nominations at NCM flawed

Arshad Alam

The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) was established amidst a growing perception that despite safeguards provided in the Indian Constitution, there was a feeling of inequality and discrimination within the minorities.

'Death penalty is a deterrent'

KS Narayanan

We have got enough infrastructure but we find it difficult to cope with the work. Even so, we have been able to dispose off a large number of cases.

Mere safety valves

Ranjit Bhushan

For the democratic well being of any country, constitutional bodies have a big role to play.


Bridging frontiers with the enemy

Divya Malhotra

Rehman Malik's recent visit to India has certainly raised several eyebrows.