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Saturday, December 14, 2019
Governance Watch

Governance Watch

August 2011

Supplementary Issue

Cover Story

‘Only lip service by leaders will not do’

Subhash Kashyap

The 42nd amendment also said that PM shall be immune from court proceedings; they have been taken away.

Legislation gone sour


In 1978 when an old Muslim woman was divorced in Madhya Pradesh’s bustling commercial and historic town of Indore, nobody had an inkling that history was in the process of being made

The bill finally cometh


The oldest and most familiar bill, was introduced last week in the Lok Sabha amidst protests demanding the inclusion of the Prime Minister also under the ambit of the bill which is expected to probe anti-corruption cases

From the Editor

Perception as Reality

Ranjit Bhushan

In India, legislations have followed a similar logic and plot since 1947. They have helped shape contemporary thought, in addition to moulding public opinion, influencing politicians and policymakers in such a way they constitute an integral part of contemporary Indian history.


Information gap

Parimal Piyush

WikifyIndia, a new website aims at making information on government procedures simpler. Is it financially and technically equipped to deliver?

Green Move

Needed more Viveks

P. Sankara Rama Subramanian

Actor and comedian Vivek has come up with a unique idea for propelling environmental activism

“Youngsters will not allow trees to die”


Vivek discusses with P. Sankara Rama Subramanian the importance of planting trees in Tamil Nadu and other places. Excerpts:

Nature Nurture

Green Revolution

Kumar Buradikatti

In India nearly 35 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions are caused by the construction industry. But building of green houses promises to put a lid on this pollution and help save the environment


Judicial overload


Despite myriad efforts by successive governments, the judiciary is not exactly in the pink of health and the dearth of sitting judges is aggravating the situation


Barefoot Doctors

Anindita Chakraborty

Highly trained medics are opting for a tough life in chhattisgarh and other rural areas to serve people


Changing equations

Jagtar Singh

keeping next year’s assembly election in view, the Punjab government In a series of administrative moves has initiated steps that may not endear itself to the bureaucracy.


There is still good news

Mayank Singh

Despite the corruption, a majority of officers work hard, fearlessly and without publicity, says former Union Cabinet Secretary TSR Subramaniam


‘RTI Confined to Intelligent Few’


Tarun Kanti Misra is the chief information commissioner of Orissa. As chief secretary of the state till 2010, he is best suited to answer questions about the information highway. He tells Subrat Dash that information about the act needs to be disseminated widely

‘Culture needs more articulation’


Jawhar Sircar, secretary, ministry of culture, speaks TO PRIYA Kanungo about a generalist’s special bonding with the arts, and what the road ahead looks like

‘Justice delivery system needs upgrading’


In an exclusive interview, law expert, Usha Ramanathan, tells Asad of the necessary steps that the government must take to improve the overall justice delivery system. Excerpts: