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Winning can be hazardous


AGENCIES | Somerset, February 15, 2011 11:23
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A gardener has been "banned" from his village vegetable show - because he keeps winning.

David Stirzaker, 73, has won 12 cups in the past four years for his prize-winning carrots, parsnips and tomatoes but has now been asked not to exhibit.

North Cadbury and ­District Horticultural ­Society, near Yeovil, ­Somerset, told him his ­success was putting other people off entering.

Mr Stirzaker said: "This is my hobby and I have been supporting their show for four years.

"I find the request very insulting - it is a competition so I would have thought it is down to other growers to try harder if they want to beat me.

"I want nothing more to do with the society. I won't be showing there again and I have told them that they can come and collect their trophies."

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