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Wind from the woods


ANU GULMOHAR | Issue Dated: July 15, 2007
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Wind from the woods Nothing ‘Faltu’ about it!

The title of the film may mean good-for-nothing, but Anjan Das’ Faltu sure looks good on the international festival circuit. With selections in the competitive categories, the movie starring Yash Pandit and Manjari Fadnis, has consistently drawn plaudits and praise from critics and audiences appreciative of meaningful cinema along with a clutch of awards, most notably at the prestigious BFJA Awards, where it swept nearly everything in sight. Based on Syed Mustafa Siraj’s novel, Ranirghater Brittanto, this is the third film from the Planman Motion Pictures fold that is creating waves in festivals across Europe and the Americas. With podium finishes galore, this is no ‘faltu’ achievement. Wind from the woods Tabu and Upen!

Upen Patel was seen entering the Bandra club, Poison, with a bunch of his pals, and as he helped himself to some drinks at the bar, he noticed the Chandni Bar actress, Tabu. Rumours abound that Upen caught up with the lady and the unusual couple seemed really charmed with each other. Perhaps chatting up for the first time, their mutual attraction was confirmed, as Upen began kissing the gal and the two were seen lip-locked even on their way out of the club! Wind from the woods Doped dolts

At the Glastonbury Festival, the 33-year-old supermodel Kate Moss looked alarmingly skinny, raising concerns that Moss must be eating very less to maintain her petite figure. As Moss worried about getting old and the PYTs (Pretty Young Things) stealing her 27-year-old rocker beau Pete Doherty, he has been talking about how dearly he loves Kate, and how she was the only reason why he agreed to go to rehab. While Doherty talked about an upcoming marriage, Moss has been fretting about staying slim so that he does not stray! Boy, this coked-up couple really need to talk! Wind from the woods Hey, Paula is trash!

American Idol judge Paula Abdul proved herself to be an insufferable idiot in her new reality show, Hey Paula. Her sole pals are the ones whose salaries she pays, i.e. Paula Abdul doesn’t really have any friends. She comes across as an arrogant and daft doll, as she chirps out statements like, “I’m tired of people not treating me like the gift that I am.” In merely one episode, Paula has converted herself into another one of those celeb irritants who constantly plague us poor viewers. Is there a number we can dial to vote Paula out? Wind from the woods ‘Head in the Clouds’

Recently, one of the two Bandidas, Penelope Cruz threw a fit in a typically high-handed celebrity-like manner and delayed a flight by two hours. Jittery for some vague reason, Penelope insisted on being let-off the flight and thus the plane had to return to the airbridge, her luggage had to be sifted out of the numerous bags, many of which even got drenched under the pouring rain and the flight finally took off after a two-hour delay. With hardly a reputation for being a snooty high-maintenance celeb, Penelope really ought to have known better… Wind from the woods Paris vows to live ‘The Simple Life’

Paris Hilton has been reading the Bible, conversing with nuns and praying. After cooling her heels for three weeks in the slammer, Paris is convinced that God has given her a fresh lease of life. During her first week, she pledged on live television that she would change her lifestyle and quit partying and dedicate her life to charity work. Now that she’s been released, she’s still pledging that she’ll never do anything wrong and that people will see how compassionate and sincere a person she is... And if you look out of your window, you might just see a pig flying too! Wind from the woods Done to perfection

Say it with us, rat-a-too-ee. You’ve got to get your tongue around that word, because it happens to be the name of an animated movie that is going to perhaps be the best movie in its genre for this year. The story of a rat named Remy, who dreams of becoming a chef and readily risks his life for French cooking, was only half done, when Disney acquired Pixar Animations last year. And as Ratatouille is opening to rave reviews, Disney can finally breathe easy, for the movie’s definitely headed to be a box office hit and their $7.4 billion investment in Pixar is finally going to begin paying off.
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