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Who let tyrants out?


The Ugandans are being busted in the hands of Museveni
TSI | Issue Dated: July 15, 2007
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Who let tyrants out? 30,000 children kidnapped who are later on made to serve as slaves, young boys made to ransack villages and kill people, young girls abducted and raped or turned into sex workers, ruthless bloodshed during endless war, that is Uganda for the world.

The popular belief that a despot like Idi Amin, had been instrumental for the current state of this African nation is just a mere illusion. Coldblooded that he was , but he only unleashed his frightening fury on Uganda and the Asians residing there for a span of just eight years. But that was just the beginnig as what has followed after that is even more frightening. And for this, Ugandans owe their gratitude to none other than, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Thanks to him the political and social scenario of the country is apparently following a trend line which seems to be eternally downward sloping. Just reducing the inflation rate from 240% (in 1987) to 5.1% (in 2003) does not allow any President to exonerate from his duties.

A spin doctor in the hands of the British, Americans and the white African cartels, Museveni has been filling his own pockets with oodles of money.

Meanwhile the Ugandans reel under perennial crisis.

The wars waged by Museveni in Rwanda, Burundi and in Congo continues to kill more than six million people, the poverty and misery in the Great Lakes region continues to aggravate, a constant state of war prevails in the sub-continent, preying on those mineral resources which could have made Uganda a rich country, arrest of gay men and demolition of homosexuality...a violation of human rights norms continues rampantly.

The Ugandans are being busted in the hands of Museveni.But what are they doing about it? Will the appeal of the Uganda People Congress fall to deaf ears or will the tenure of Musevini be brought to an abrupt end with a jolt that hits him as hard as his tenure has hit the Ugandans?
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