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Top Free Apps for your Smart-Phone


TECHNOLOGY NEXT | New Delhi, February 3, 2012 14:17
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How many applications have you downloaded till date from a related mobile os' app store? 10? 100? or a few hundreds? Whatever be the count, what tech-next proposes is that you have only seen a fraction of what we call apps. And most importantly, only experienced a fraction of that fraction! count these numbers for proof – there are 46,507 apps in the blackberry appworld, 277,252 in the android space and 500,000-plus on apple i-store. a research by mobile research firm Research2Guidance, shows how of the total number of apps, about 35% are free – that amounts to a huge 288,315-plus. confused which ones to download? check out these 6 apps that have been proven & won the hearts of millions of customers and have fun downloading, free of charge! 

Blackberry os: Caro
Experience a different level of Mobile Gaming
As the BlackBerry handset slowly moves away from its original image of being a corporate gadget, even the apps that are now being offered on its App World have a Gen-Y touch to them. After trying its hands on segments like wallpapers, utility apps and others, it is now gaming that is turning younger on BB. One of the most downloaded gaming app in recent days has been Caro. While the need for integration with BlackBerry Messenger makes it stand out in the BB gaming apps pack, it has already received an overwhelming response from BB users. Compatible with BBM 6.0 and OS 5++, this app, launched on August 22, 2011, has already been downloaded by 250,000 users around the world. And this count is set to climb higher in the weeks to come. While it has been developed on the lines of the TicTacToe game (with a wider grid) by Louis Tang (a Vietnam-based software developer), integration of this game with the Fuel platform (that enables social gaming for BB users), allows users to play this game with BBM contacts. Moving to the addiction quotient, as it records and displays statistics like victories, defeats, draws, in various series and levels, which are then published on the ranking board, this app has captured the interest of many BB users. In fact, its integration with platforms like Facebook makes the social experience on this app addictive for users. As of October 19, 2011, Caro has over 10,000 monthly active users, and over 17,000 likes on Facebook. If you love to get even by winning a game or two against those on your BBM and/or Facebook contact list, download the app right away. The icing on the cake –it's free! Expect many such social games to be launched in the App World.
I-OS: Tap Tap Revenge 3
It’s time to shake it right!
Despite being a not-so-new app, the Tap Tap Revenge series deserves mention because of the overwhelming response that it has received from iPhone users over the past four years. The first of the Tapulous' Tap Tap series (Tap Tap Revenge 1) became the most downloaded free game at the iStore for 2008. Within six months of the original launch, due to the amazing response from iOS users, the brains behind the show (the app was created by Nate True, and developed and published by Tapulous) came out with Tap Tap Revenge 2, which again clocked some outstanding download figures. A few months after the first sequel was launched, Tap Tap Revenge 3 was born. Downloadable content was first introduced in version 3.0 of the Tap Tap Revenge series. Tap Tap Revenge is a rhythm game, similar to Dance Dance Revolution that you play by tapping with your fingers and shaking the phone. Talk about history, the game was born in the same month as the App Store (July 2008), and therefore became the first game on the store that created waves. It was loved because of the fact that it was more than just a card or marble rolling game. For the ones who're interested in free apps, currently, it is the game's 2.6 downloadable version that is available for zero dollars at the App Store (version 3.0 of the game can be bought@ $1.99). While the developer has thrown enough on the table in the name of version 3.0 to justify the $1.99 price tag (features include a full online component with various multiplayer modes, avatars, and tons of social features like in-game chat, apart from 50 bundles of music that can be purchased in-game), this is one rare app that still sees an older version being downloaded in volumes despite the arrival of a new one. Clearly, this one is unmissable in the gaming section of the iStore. And if you've missed it, don't panic. This one is not going away soon. 
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Posted By: Umaimah | Pune | March 2nd 2012 | 01:03
I have got a few favorite apps, top one is absolutely amazing free voip app, allowing free calls and is superb when it come sot clarity and connectivity. I just love its sound quality... must try from my side!

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