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ARINDAM CHAUDHURI | New Delhi, April 5, 2016 20:33
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What a pleasure it is always to sit down to write the editorial of this creation of sheer passion – The Sunday Indian. As we begin a new journey with a whole new look to this magazine with a broader layout, better paper quality and totally changed masthead and design template, I must say that there is one thing that has not changed and that is the quality of journalism.

This magazine stood for not just truth but hard-hitting truth. It stood for not just reporting but incisive and intellectual analysis. In effect, it has actually hardly been a newsmagazine, it has actually been a news analysis tool. Our readers, that cut across students to teachers to politicians and even media leaders, have always loved the thought leadership position we took.

Despite being philosophically to the left of the center, we took the lead in demolishing the myth of CPM's bhadrolok image in Bengal, even at the cost of considerable vindictive targeting. And despite being left of center, we actually vehemently supported BJP in the last elections. Yet, we remain staunchly left of center, and as this magazine goes out for print, we remain glued to the American presidential race hoping that Bernie Sanders pulls off an upset victory.

  Yes. The world indeed also seems to be poised for a new look indeed. In the US it's Bernie Sanders – a self-confessed socialist – who is giving Hillary more than a run for her money... genuine money and pedigree indeed. Nationwide, the youth overwhelmingly back him. In fact, overall, on the trust factor, he beats Hillary by miles. In the UK, by a record margin another socialist Jeremy Corbyn became the Labour Party leader. And all this, despite the fact that in both the cases, the capitalist-owned media was totally against them.

Will Sanders win? Probably not. Will Corbyn survive the media onslaught against him?? Probably not. At least as of now. But the wave is clear. The world's most accomplished democracies are finally looking left. In Latin America, the left is a well established choice by rotation quite like India's Kerala... most of Europe has socialist philosophies of social security et al as the guiding light of politics; and now, it's the turn of the pillars of imperialism, the US and the UK, to look left. Sooner than later, we are bound to see a genuine socialist leader sitting at the helm in one of these countries.
Of course, as an Indian, you would hardly get to read about this in Indian newspapers. That's why you need The Sunday Indian. It's the magazine that aims to even influence the rightist BJP to turn left and set the so called Left in India right – by showing it where it has been going wrong.

All in all, let me assure that a new look around the world is here and at TSI, we have evolved to a new look too, to keep up with the changing times!

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