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The Mahatma gandhi family tree


Issue Dated: January 10, 2010
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The Mahatma gandhi family tree HARILAL GANDHI

(Eldest son)

He was married to Gulab. They had five children, two daughters Rani and Manu and three sons Kanti, Rasik and Shanti. None of the children is alive anymore. Rasik and Shanti died in childhood.


Eldest daughter Rani was a homemaker. She had four children, Anushrya, Prabodh, Neelam and Navmalika.


Anusharya is not alive. Anushrya has two children, Lekha and Rahul. Lekha works in a hospital as medical techno;ogist in St.Louis, US. She has two sons, Dev and Amal. Rahul has two children, Anup and Avnee. He is business director in Washington University.


Prabodh is not alive. He was a doctor. He did his MBBS/MD in Mumbai but worked in a village in Saurashtra. He has two children, Sonal and Prayag. Sonal lives in Mumbai with her two children, Rachana and Gaurav. Rachana is a doctor and Gaurav is a computer engineer. Prayag has two children, Prachi and Darshan. They study in Saurashtra.


Neelam Parikh has one son, Sameer. He is an eye surgeon, runs his own private practice in Navsari, Gujarat. He has three children, Siddharth, Gopi and Parth.


Has three children, Parul, Manisha and Ravi. Parul and Ravi live in Toronto, Canada. Parul is a physiotherapist (private practice). She has two children, Sarthak and Anil, both students. Ravi is a computer engineer. He has two children, Neel and Akash. Manisha, too, is a physiotherapist in Nagpur. She has two children, Milli and Daksh. They are students.


(Harilal’s son) He was married to Saraswati Ben . He is no more. He was a doctor. He did his MBBS from Madras. He worked in a dispensary in a mill and treated the workers of the mill. They had two sons. First son, Shanti, is a heart specialist. He is married to an American lady called Suzanne. He has three daughters, Anjalee, Anita, and Alka. They live in the US. The second son, Pradeep, is married to Mangla. He is a CA. He lives in Washington, US. He has two daughters, Priya, Megha.


(Harilal’s son) – Died at a very young age.


(Harilal’s daughter) She was married to Surendra Mashruwala. They are no more. They have one daughter, Urmi. She is a physiotherapist. Her husband is a professor in IIM Ahmedabad. They have one son, Mrinal. He is a cinematographer and lives in Mumbai. Their daughter, Renu, is an architect. She did her Masters from Berkeley University, US. She now lives in Ahmedabad and works in a small village as a town planner. The Mahatma gandhi family tree MANILAL GANDHI

(Second son)

He was born in India but worked for several decades as the editor of the English-Gujarati weekly, Indian Opinion, at Phoenix, Durban. He was married to Sushila.


Eldest daughter Sita was married to a businessman called Shashikant Dhoopelia. They have three children. Their son Satish, a photographer, lives in Durban. He has three children. Misha works at a radio station, and the younger siblings, Kabir and Latika, are students.


Second daughter Uma Mistri is a professor of History at Cape Town University. She is married to Gajen Mistri, a professor of linguistics at the same university. The couple has one daughter, Sapna, who is studying.


Kirti Menon is married to Sunil Menon. She works in the office of the ministry of education in South Africa. She is the director of education. Sunil has his own software company. They have a daughter, Sunita.


Arun, Manilal's second child, was married to Sumitra. They have two children, Archana and Tushar. Archana is married to Hari Prasad, who works for Xerox Corporation. They have two sons. Paritosh is married to an American Rebecca. Anish works with a merchant banking firm in LA.


Tushar Gandhi is married to Sonal. She works with Bank of Baroda. They have two children. Son Vivan is studying law. Daughter Kasturi studies Arts in St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.


Manilal's third daughter Ila, a former member of South Africa's parliament, has five children. A divorcee, she now runs the Gandhi Development Trust in Durban.


Ila's son, Kush, was murdered in the early 1990s in South Africa. He was in his early 30s. Ila suspects political vendetta. But no one has ever been arrested and the murder case remains unsolved.


Ila's elder son, Kedar, is married to a teacher called Nirvana. He works with his mother in Gandhi Development Trust, while managing a computer systems maintenance business.


Ila's daughter, Aasha, is a lawyer and a human rights trainer. She also lives in South Africa. Ila also has twins Ashish and Aarti, youngest of her children. Ashish has two children, Nikhil and Meera. Aarti is unmarried. They all live in Durban. The Mahatma gandhi family tree RAMDAS GANDHI

(Third son)

He was born and raised in South Africa and actively participated in many of his father's civil protests. He was married to Nirmala. They have two daughters and a son.

SUMITRA Kulkarni

(Ramdas' eldest daughter) She is married to a retired professor of IIM, Ganjanand Kulkarni. They live in Bangalore. Sumitraben is an ex-IAS officer. They have three children, twin sons Shri Ram and Shri Krishna and daughter Sonali. Shriram and Shrikrishna are married. Shri Ram works for National Panasonic as the COO of its Noida branch. Shri Krishna has his own robotics business. He lives in Bangalore with his wife and two children. Sonali also lives in Banglore where she works for a Japanese engineering company. She is single. She works with the firm's sales department.


(Ramdas' son) A scientist who worked for NASA. His wife is Shiv Lakshmi. They are both retired and live in US. They have no children.

Usha Gokani

Ramdas' youngest daughter was married to Harish Gokaani, a businessman, who is no more. Usha lives in Mumbai. Usha is active with Mani Bhawan, Gandhi Sanghralaya. She has two sons. Anant is a diabetologist. He works with the Bombay Hospital. He is married to Tejal, a homemaker. They have two sons, Karan and Arjun. Karan is a lawyer based in London and Arjun is studying medicine. Sanjay is Usha’s younger son. He is married to Mona. He works with a software company in Canada. They have a son and a daughter. The Mahatma gandhi family tree DEVDAS GANDHI

(Youngest son)

He served as the managing editor of The Hindustan Times in Delhi. He was married to Lakshmi, daughter of C. Rajagopalachari. They had three sons and a daughter.

Tara bhattacharjee

Devdas' eldest daughter was married to Jyoti Bhattacharjee, who worked with World Food Organization. He is no more. Tara is deputy chairperson of Gandhi Smriti Trust in Delhi. They have two children, daughter Sukanaya Bharat Ram, who is married to industrialist Vivek Bharat Ram. The couple has a son, Akshar Vidur. Tara's son, Vinayak, an investment banker, is married to a Swedish lady. They have four daughters, India, Ananya, Anoushka and Andrea.

Rajmohan Gandhi

He is married to Usha. They have two children, Supriya and Devvrat. Supriya is married to an Iranian-American boy. She is doing a doctorate in Harvard. Devvrat is a lawyer. He, too, lives in the US.

RamChandra Gandhi

A professor of philosophy, he passed away recently. He was married to Indu, but they separated. They have one daughter, Leela. She is a professor in Australia.

Gopal Krishna gandhi

Until recently, he was the Governor of West Bengal. He was an IAS officer. He is married to tara. They have two daughters, Divya and Amrita. They are both married. Divya lives in Bangalore, Amrita in Delhi.
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