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The astonishing Martin Vantage


The Tuxedo on Wheels
RISHAD SAAM MEHTA | New Delhi, April 20, 2013 13:18
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The Aston Martin is a car that will unwittingly make you think of James Bond. It is everything that the secret agent is – and can be easily described like a good looking, well dressed rogue.

It is not a brash car like a Ferrari that screams in red or like a Lamborghini that shouts for attention in yellow with its angular design.

The Aston is a muscular car, with  subtle design curves that make it look muscular and lean all at once and leaves no doubt about its genes or heritage. The roar is there but not so raucous.

The interiors are plush as you’d expect and the leather over the dashboard is lovely in all its hand stitched detail. The buttons and dials are all very 007 and the big paddle shifts behind the steering go very well with the instrument cluster that is done up in a typical British font.

The leather seats are snug and will accommodate a big framed person quite comfortably too. There are no rear seats whatsoever.

The boot is surprisingly spacious for a car like this and can easily hold two cabin bags and laptop bags with ease.

But all that is inconsequential when you press the Engine Start button and the car roars to life. Thegear shift option comprises of just four round buttons – D for Drive, N for Neutral, R for Reverse and, the most important and exciting, S for Sports. It is in this Sports mode that the Aston Martin goes from gentleman to rugby player. The gearshifts are more rapid and the acceleration is like something from an R rated movie.

And the suspension is absolutely brilliant. The car soaks up irregularities without a murmur. But the best bit is the way it goes around corners. The cohesion and traction is fantastic. Like most sports cars, the Aston’s limit is way beyond the limit of the average driver’s heart. It will tremble in fear at the speeds the car will go around corners. You may think that you are driving at the limit of the car’s cornering capabilities but in truth it is your limit, the car’s limit is far beyond what you imagine it can do.

In a straight line it will hit 200 kmph in a flash. In fact it does 0 to 100 kmph in just 4.4 seconds. It can carry on to 302 kmph.

If you drive it with your head for most of the time it will give you around 9km per litre, but if you drive it with your heart (which you probably will) you can expect a considerably lower figure.

It costs around Rs 1 crore 45 Lakhs (ex showroom) to buy. 

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