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SNDP accuses Cong of desecrating Sri Narayana Guru


T. SATISAN | Kochi, September 25, 2012 11:02
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Congress committed blasphemy against Sri Narayana Guru?A Congress leader in Kerala is in the dock over charges of blasphemy against the highly revered Sri Narayana Guru. The office bearers of Sri Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP) have alleged that Congress leader and Ernakulam District committee President V J Poulose has insulted the Guru with his offending remarks against him.

The controversy took off from a Gurusamdthi (85th death anniversary) ritual in Mulanthuruthy near Kochi. Since Women’s Congress had scheduled a programme in the same locality that day, SNDP Taluk office bearers contacted V.J. Poulose and requested him to change the time of Congress programme so that people who liked to attend both programmes could do so sans any hassle. But, his response was too absurd, says, SNDP Yogam Kanayannur Taluk Union General Secretary P. P. Rajan. Poulose reportedly said about the Guru, “How many years since Narayanan died ! Still you are mourning him”?. It was something SNDP leaders could not tolerate.

Naturally, SNDP units protested. They carried out protest marches all over Ernakulam district. Hindu Aikya Vedi, a Sangh parivar organization, organized protest marches too. Even though newspapers carried some sort of regrets by Poulose, SNDP and Hindu Aikya Vedi have not accepted it. P.P. Rajan told TSI that SNDP plans to carry out a protest march to Ernakulam DCC office on the 26th September. Their demand is the immediate resignation of the DCC President V.J. Poulose from the party post. Else SNDP threatens to boycott his programmes.

On Monday, state home minister and Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s trusted lieutenant Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan was closeted with SNDP functionaries in Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam district. SNDP leaders told the minister that they had nothing against Congress party, but would not compromise until Poulose resigns from the post. Minister also spoke to SNDP Yogam General Secretary Vellappalli Nateshan. But, still white smoke is evasive. Radhakrishnan informed SNDP men that he would inform KPCC president Ramesh Chennithala about the latest development.

Talking to TSI Online, Yogam General Secretary Vellappalli Nateshan said that Poulose had admitted to the media persons what he had told SNDP men. Vellappalli also said that this is too crude a statement from the functionary of a mainstream political party. “It is about 2000 years since Jesus Christ left for his heavenly abode. Still Good Friday is being observed and nobody questions its relevance. Many members of Ezhava community (Backward Hindu OBC organized under SNDP banner) hang the pictures of Jesus in their house walls. Hindus generally decorate the houses with stars and crib in connection with X-mas days. That means, Hindus are respecting other religious sentiments. But, Poulose, a Christian, does not tolerate others’ faiths,” Vellappalli added.

Vellapalli asks if Poulose dares to say similar things about other community then it will lead to bloodbath. Vellappalli cited the example of US made blasphemous film “Innocence of Muslims” which was screened only in US and caused the killings of about two dozen people in Pakistan. The same film is not seen in Facebook or Youtube in India. Congressmen should understand the greatness of Sri Narayana Guru.

When TSI contacted V.J. Poulose, he said that he has never made any derogatory remarks against Sri Narayana Guru. “The Women’s Congress programme was scheduled much in advance. So, when SNDP men asked to postpone it, Congress had its own problems,” he said. Poulose added that he just tried to convince them but, then came this propaganda against him. He further said that even though he had expressed his regrets, if at all his words had hurt anyone’s feelings, still they are after him.

What will happen to the already strained relations between Congress and SNDP is yet to be watched and seen.

In the meantime, the state is already under the cloud of another controversy, again about Sri Narayana Guru. It is about CBSE textbook for 8th standard. It is alleged that it contains derogatory remarks against Sri Narayana Guru. State minister K. Babu has already came down heavily on it. Addressing a Guru Samdhi programme in Sivagiri, Babu said that any move to twist and distort Sri Narayana philosophy and history would be opposed tooth and nail.

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