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Sikkim jolted on first anniversary of devastating quake


CS BHATTACHARJEE | Kolkata, September 19, 2012 00:01
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On the first anniversary of the deadly earthquake, Sikkim was rocked again by a moderate earthquake measuring 4.1 on Tuesday. Gopinath Raha, Head of the Department of Central Meteorology told TSI over phone, “The tremor was of medium velocity. There is no reason for any anxiety or any serious damage.”
According to information, the epicenter of the earthquake at the depth of 10 Kilometers at a place situated at 27.4 degree North and 88.5 degree East. According to Raha, quake hit the famous tourist spot of Katao near Lachung, close to international border with China. Last year’s quake was also generated from a shallow depth of 10 to 20 KM.
Last year, on the same date (September 18) massive tremor of 6.9 intensity hit the Himalayan state badly killing over hundred people and causing severe damage to property and infrastructure. Last year it hit at 6.10 pm while on Tuesday, the quake hit 14 minutes before at 5.56 pm. The powerful quake of 2011 was felt across Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and India. Nepal reported 11 deaths.
Reports from Sikkim say, traumatized with the last year’s memory, people came out on streets and open fields and were scared to return to their homes. 
Some geo-scientists feel, that Tuesday's quake may be an indication for impending quake of higher magnitude. This is because a quake of 4.2 magnitude had hit Haryana's Sonipat district last year just a few days before the Sikkim earthquake.
According to Geological Survey of India, (GSI), North Sikkim is vulnerable to quakes. Prashanta Bhaumik, senior geologist of GSI’s Sikkim unit, had said, “The affected region is geologically considered to be a weak zone and prone to earthquakes. It is termed as a major fault zone in the Himalayan region because of the convergence of Tectonic plates there.”
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