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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Power to the weak


TSI | Issue Dated: November 30, -0001, New Delhi
Tags : Physically challenged people |

December 23, 2012

TSI had, on December 23, 2012, done a story Enabling sensitivity on the lack of a dignified life for the physically challenged people in the country. The story highlighted how despite the growing awareness, India still lacked genuine sensitivity towards such people and how they face routine embarrassment and discrimination despite a plethora of laws. Though the country already has laws that ensure rights and rehabilitation of people with disabilities, their condition has not improved much over the years. The story specially focused on a new rule in the state of UP as per which only people with a 100 per cent disability would be given free passes in the government run buses. The new law was not only inhumane, it was also in sharp contrast to the old law as per which people with even 40 per cent or more disability could avail of the facility. With TSI giving ample coverage to their plight and protests and helped by the voices of some of some NGOs, the government rolled back its decision and allowed people with 40 per cent or more to avail of the facility.

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