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Monday, August 8, 2022

"My only aim is to work with commitment. That is my hobby"


In a candid interaction with TSI at his Vile Parle office behind Mumbai’s domestic airport, Vasant Dhoble asserts that there will be absolutely no let-up in his "commitment to work” even after his much talked about transfer. Excerpts:
TSI | Issue Dated: October 28, 2012, New Delhi
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Were you transferred because of the frequent raids?
What is the problem? Ours is a transferable job. In our police force, every two years there is a transfer order on an average. I was at the Social Service Branch for an extended period of four and a half years. The transfer was only a matter of time. It comes under the Crime Branch.

You faced much criticism for your style of work. How do you react?
Support or opposition of people does not matter. It does not carry any weight.

Did the outrage in the media disturb you?
No (laughs). I had stopped reading. It was baseless rumour mongering.
Does the current police commissioner support you as much as his predecessor?
Why will he not support me? These are all media-generated stories. I receive orders from my senior officials, not the media.

Have you been instructed to stop the spontaneous raids?
Who has told you all this? How do I know how you have made up all these stories? We have to implement the law. Maintaining law and order is our job. Only the place keeps changing.

Why is your hockey stick missing today?
What hockey stick are you talking about? I do not understand. They (the media) just keep writing whatever comes to their mind, all baseless. What will I do with a hockey stick? Strange, how things are projected.

What will happen to the social service branch now?
How am I supposed to know? I will do my work in the Vakola division, very simple.

Will your infamous raids continue?
That depends on what kind of information we get from our sources and our own investigations. We are always there, everywhere. Why should I trouble someone without reason? We are there to protect the people. If a citizen is law abiding, we will act as protectors. If a citizen is not, should I still protect him?

Your actions have adversely impacted Mumbai’s nightlife as per government sources.
How would I know? I do not know what they (government) would have said, and what you (media) must have written.

Are you working under some restrictions now?
I have no worries. There is nothing good or bad. Do you think this is a bad place? Why are the media and people concerned? If there is something, my department will take care of it. There is nothing positive or negative in law. In my 40-year-long career, I have not come across any such thing. Everyone has been given equal powers under law. There is no pick and choose. Seshan (well-known government servant TN Seshan) did not change the law to bring about change. He just implemented it the right way. Did not he?

Do you think the underworld still exists in Mumbai?
Underworld? I was waiting for this question. People talk and you take it seriously. Do you know what the underworld is, where the money comes from and where it lands? If you know, please let us know. We will also see. We will try to nab them. Is it in your personal knowledge or just a talk of the town with no basis?

What are your hobbies?
My only aim is to work with commitment. That is my hobby. Almost 30 years ago, I used to watch the toilet cleaner who worked with bare hands. I come from a family of farmers. During April-May, at the time of harvesting, people work without footwear or clothes. Why? Only because they are committed to their work. It is not a burden.

You mean every work has its sun and shade moments?
Sun and shade will keep occurring. It does not mean you will change according to the season. Just remember to work with commitment.

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