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Saturday, June 23, 2018

My Friend Pinto and Mujhse Fraaanship Karoge

Movie review


SATYA PRASAD MOVVA/ SHOAIB AHMED | Issue Dated: October 30, 2011, New Delhi
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My Friend Pinto

Our friend is a little tedious

TSI Five-O : Wonderful concept, inept handling

The problem with good ideas is that they do not always convert to great deeds. Sometimes, as in the case of My Friend Pinto, they lead to below par results. Though probably envisaged as a sweeping overview of a grand city through the eyes of innocence and purity, the movie ends up looking like a montage, minus the soul.

Sameer (Arjun Mathur) is leading a life that looks picture perfect from the outside. Yet, beneath the cover of the designer clothes and swanky cars, is the pain of unfulfilled dreams and an incomplete family. Into this imperfect scenario enters Michael Pinto (Prateik Babbar), Sameer’s childhood friend. A simpleton from a small village totally unaccustomed to the ways of the cutthroat world, Pinto bumbles his way through the streets of Mumbai. Blessed with a smile that radiates the beauty within him and the simplicity of thought that can only come to the uncorrupted, he sets about unintentionally mending the lives he comes into contact with. He repairs frayed friendships, reignites a dulled romance, and gives direction to the lost.

The movie, however, is burdened by countless subplots with none of them occupying enough time for you to actually start caring. Makrand Deshpande tries to infuse some dignity and life into the character of the retired don, but there isn’t much he can do as an unbaked character in an overdone parody and the usually brilliant Kalki Koechlin is grossly underused. The least used though is our friend Pinto. While his uncluttered approach to life could have been used as a mirror to show us the materialism of the world we now live in, it is merely utilised to garner silly grins. When the credits roll, you find yourself thinking of what might have been.

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge

A refreshing and vibrant youth flick

TSI Five-O: Waaaaaaaaaaatch it!

Four friends, fake Facebook IDs, cutely entangled love connections and a teenage dream! Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge is perhaps the most charming account of the Facebook generation.

Yes, the name sounds drab. The same could be said about the take-off. But once fully stable in ascent, the film hits a pleasant high. It’s refreshing; if one were to summarise it in one word.

No doubt, Nupur Ashtana (director) had ‘urban youth’ flashing in her mind when she envisioned the film, and her youthful cast of Saqib Saleem (Vishal), Saba Azad (Preity), Nishant Dahiya (Rahul) and Tara D’Souza (Malvika) surely did justice to that vision. Saba and Saqib in particular, you’d feel, have hit the right corner.

Preity and Vishal, who are smart and intelligent, are not as happening as their popular counterparts, Rahul and Malvika. The four somehow get connected, Facebook being the major creditable medium for their ‘fraaandship,’ but with a twist, for Preity is operating Malvika’s account…

To know more, catch the light, entertaining and surely watchable film!

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