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Movie Review: The Croods


Stone Age Travel
ISHAN RAYCHAUDHURI | New Delhi, April 23, 2013 14:39
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The Earth is still inhabited by cave men who are yet to discover fun stuff like fire. In one such family, the alpha male Grug keeps on telling stories about how they are one of the few alive, thanks to his way of thinking – stay in a cave and do not explore. Eep, his daughter tired by his way of thinking adventures out of the cave one night and meets a boy, Guy, who shows her how to create fire.

The rest of the family after meeting Guy slowly find his way of thinking – exploring and adventuring – a far better life plan than Grug’s. Guy also speaks about a place called ‘Tomorrow’, a legendary place his family told him about before getting drowned.

The film more or less keeps on showing how cool Guy is and how backward, ignorant and foolish Grug is. Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds, amongst others, do a great job by lending their voice to the geometric shapes on the screen and bringing in a human element to the film. Cage’s growls and grunts, playing Grug, will easily make you see how thick Grug is. Unfortunately, that is too simplistic for people to care about an animated film.

For animation aficionados, The Croods, isn’t bad enough to miss. For the rest, if your expectations have been set by a fat panda, this one will be a bore.

Director: Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco


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