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Interfaith marriages made easy


ANKITA DAS | New Delhi, April 11, 2012 20:53
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The Union Cabinet's approval to the proposal to do away with the requirements of disclosing one's religious affiliation for registration of marriage has come as a boon to the newly-wed couples especially from the different religious background.

The move will not only benefit the couples seeking inter-faith marriages, but it would also make registration of marriages a simple affair.

According to the Indian laws, marriages are governed as per the religion of the couple under the Hindu Marriage Act, Muslim Laws and so on. In case of interfaith marriages, it comes under the Special Marriages Act.

For adoption, guardianship and even divorce, religion plays a pivotal role as the couple seeking the same have to follow the rules of the religion.

It can be said that the Indian marriages are intertwined with religion and law. But to make the marriage religion-neutral in a wider sense, the Uniform Civil Code must be in place.

The approval to such a proposal might help the couples seeking inter-faith marriages.

While talking to TSI, Azmaat Amanullah, a lawyer practicing in Delhi High Court said, “The approval of the Union Cabinet to make marriage religion free will come as a boon to the couples. There are many cases in India wherein the couples have to face many atrocities even death. The acceptance of the proposal will help to avert such heinous crime in the name of religion.”

Rajneesh Sharma of Jammu and Ameena from Srinagar, were in a love relationship for five years. The problem arouse when Ameena disclosed her desire to convert to Hinduism and marry her beau. The Muslim society along with her family opposed the marriage and charged Sharma of kidnapping her.

Rajneesh later succumbed in the police custody due to alleged physical and mental torture.

The case of the inter-religious couple of Kolkata, Rizwanur Rahman, a graphic designer and Priyanka Todi, daughter of the owner of Lux undergarment enterprise, is also a case in point. Rizwanur was allegedly murdered at the behest of Todi's family.

In another instance at Goraya in Jalandhar, a youth Anil Kumar accused his in-laws of killing his wife Sandeep Kaur since there was an inter-religious marriage.

Harsh Malhotra, the chief co-ordinator of Love Commandos, an organisation that fights against honour killings said, "The approval would help to stop the religious differences to some extent in our society.”

Now it is to be seen how far the new proposal to do away with disclosing religious identity for marriage will help the couples wanting to engage in inter-religious marriages.

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