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Alia Bhatt

Getting to know the youngest Bhatt


TSI does a 101 with Alia Bhatt the Highway star,known for her independent performances. She’s mature beyond her years and has a naughty streak hidden away…
TSI | Issue Dated: March 9, 2014, New Delhi
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From the glamorous Student of the year coming to this Highway. How has it been?
I didn’t have to do much other than no wearing make -up and combing my hair during the shoot. It was hectic in the sense that there was a lot of travel to do, up and down, here and there. But that was also exciting as we didn’t know what would happen next. What excitement would we be facing at the next turn, how would the weather be? I think we have been through every type of weather with the shoot of this film. From snow to the rains, from extreme heat to a sandstorm. I mean everything. I hadn’t seen India like that, but I had gone for school trips earlier where we travelled by road, that was the only time we travelled by road but that time we used to be involved so much with friends that we never saw what was outside the window.

When you got a call from Imtiaz to be a part of his most cherished project Highway, how was your feeling?
I was very excited because you don’t get a chance to work with Imtiaz in your second film. Of course I am very grateful that I got to do this film. The film was mentally, physically and emotionally stressful but it was okay as it was getting captured on the camera. If there was pain somewhere in my body or if I have a sore throat, it should be captured by the camera. I didn’t have to pretend to be anything. Whatever was happening with my body or the brain was being captured by the camera.

You started from the Karan Johar School of acting to now working with Imtiaz Ali. How different is their styles of working?
Imtiaz sees live what the scene is while Karan sees it on the monitor. That’s the only difference that I can see. Talking about Imtiaz I learnt a lot from him. He is a beautiful director. The way he teaches you not to act and just be. That is the most important thing that I have learnt. Just because I am angry in a scene doesn’t mean you have to do a particular gesture. You can be angry without having to show that you are angry.

Do you see this film as a coming of age film?
No, it is not a coming of age film. It is not becoming older but discovering who you are as a human being in your life. It is actually much more than a coming of age film. When you are connected to a film from the beginning so whatever change that is happening around is happening to your character as well. So whatever scene you are doing next, even Imtiaz would treat it in a way that we had done before. It is difficult. Every scene is challenging but I would never look at a scene like a scene but like another moment.

You sang for the first time and that too with the Mozart AR Rahmaan. How did the whole thing happen?
It was a great experience. You think that you would probably become and actor in life but you don’t really think that you’ll sing for the first time in your life for AR Rahman. That experience for me is very memorable. Imtiaz heard me sing once while we were shooting and there is only one lip sync portion in the film where my character Veera sings. So he thought maybe it’ll be a good idea if I only sing. So he suggested the idea to Rahman sir. I went to him and he wanted to try it out. He played the piano, I sang a few lines and he said, Oh! Very nice. I was very nervous, much of the nervousness was inside me pressed inside but I was all trying to be all mature, calm and composed. I always thought that it probably wouldn’t happen, maybe my voice would not sound nice. But it happened so I am very happy about that. 

The fate of this film would somewhere tell your foothold in the industry. Do you feel stressed about it?
I don’t think this is a film that gets you an opening but is a film which is going to work on word of mouth. If the film gets an opening, more than me it would be for Imtiaz Ali. Imtiaz has a huge audience and a huge brand name. People have not just liked but loved his films. When you love a particular film, then it matters more than the box office I guess. I think that is very important.

Your sister Pooja Bhatt a while back said that you told her that you want to be a star. So how do you see this whole thing that surrounds from being an actor to being a star?
I want to be an actor first and then a superstar, not a star and I don’t think I have achieved any of it till now. A superstar needs to have charisma and appeal that you can touch the person. You can feel like you have like a connection with the person. You enter the room and all eyes are on you. I think Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have that. Whenever Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is around you can’t help but just look at her. I think that is another thing. I really admire Deepika for her work ethic and for the kind of dedication that she has put in her work. I am really happy for the great year that she has had. I am competitive too but not in a negative way but to outshine myself.

You have always maintained that you are very protective about your family. What have you learned from Mahesh Bhatt and how has he inspired you?
Yes, I don’t like it if anyone takes on my family because of me. I think that is the only thing that will go down badly with me. Still I am a very strong person inside so I can hold for a very long time. If I get a lot of criticism about something and I believe that it can be changed, like in the middle I had out on a lot of weight and I was being criticised about it a lot. So I used that to my advantage and lost that weight. Talking about my father and the way he talks I think it is fantastic and is very difficult for people to do that. He doesn’t care. He says, I don’t want your praise, I want your money. The thing that my father has inspired in me is his will power and his power of being himself. I don’t think he does not give a damn in the arrogant way but he doesn’t care because he has a very strong opinion. I am also like that, its not that I don’t care about people. I think the audience is king in terms of you, if there is no audience then there is no you. I really value and respect all of them but there is a time when you will have to be yourself. If they have a problem with it, then too bad. 


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