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Feedback By SMS..


TSI | Issue Dated: July 15, 2007
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Feedback By SMS.. A timely edit

I have read the 25th June issue of TSI. The editorial was so nice and I got lots of information about Amul.Thanks for offering such a beautiful and quality magazine.

Satyajyoti Kashyap, Assam.


Kudos for discovering india

Hats off to your ideas of discovering a new India. Prashanto Banerji’s “Lesson from Controvercity” is a masterpiece pointing out the ever-unheeded issue in India.

Debajyoti Mukhopadhaya


Sonia’s suffering

In TSI June 18-24th issue, the life sketch of Sonia Gandhi by Professor Arindam Chaudhuri touches the heart of every reader. Her sacrifices may not move certain section of people in our country but she, to me, will always remain a true Indian. She remains a victim of witch hunting,


A thanks from assam

I just read your magazine in my mother tongue Assamese. It is really nice. I hope TSI will help in reflecting the views of common people of Assam at the national level. We welcome you.

Rajib Handique


A good marathi weekly

A good Marathi weekly news magazine is The Sunday Indian. The lay-out is very attractive and powerful. Editorial and other articles are interesting.

R. S Dange,

94213***** Telugu edition fantastic

Just now I got an opportunity to see your Telugu edition. It’s fantastic.

Naveen, Hyderabad


What a treat!

We believe every Indian has the right to a new way of thinking! The lines are very much true and inspiring from The Sunday Indian edition growing from 5 to 13 languages, Your view in “growing along watching the magazine on the desk” can work and make young Indians to think intelligently. I really like the magazine.

Sudhir Asadi


Best of luck for urdu edition

The Urdu Sunday Indian is a ray of hope in this darkness and yellow journalism era. Best of luck.

G S Qasmi


A trend-setter in urdu

Dear Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri! Heartiest felicitations and congratulations for starting the Urdu edition of TSI. I was really thrilled and impressed by the international standards you have maintained in the Urdu edition also. Unparalleled, as it is, TSI Urdu has emerged as a trend setter in magazine journalism in Urdu.

Prof. J.Quddusi, Srinagar


Nostalgia time in oriya

The Sunday Indian magazine in English has always been a regular feature for us. Though English was bit difficult, we went through it. But this morning, to my surprise, we discovered the Oriya edition of TSI at the Bhubaneshwar station. Congratulations!

Subrat Kumar Panda

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