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Can you make me fall in love with you?


If you are Zan Perrion then you definitely can. Zan Perrion is what every other man would love to be: a natural seducer. Writer, motivational speaker and an advocate of ‘Ars Amorata’, or the art of love, he teaches his audiences about ‘a natural and enlightened form of interaction between men and women’. The World's Greatest Seducer, as one of Zan’s epithets go, discusses the laws of attraction with TSI…
ISHAN RAYCHAUDHURI | Issue Dated: June 5, 2011
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Who is Zan Perrion? How did he become a seducer? Who would he want to be in future?

I have always loved women. One day, I looked in the mirror and asked myself: "Have you ever been a woman's fantasy. If not, why not? She is dreaming about somebody. It might as well be you!" I made a choice right there and then to become a student of women, a student of attraction, a student of romance. Since that day… today and forever, I will be a student of women.

Women have been my only teachers. I never read any relationship books or took any seminars. I just ventured out into the land of women, and I learned everything I know from my experiences and from talking to women.

Everyone wants to be Zan Perrion. What stops them?

Well, nobody should try to be exactly like me. Our authentic self is our attractive self, so it would be no good for others to try to be exactly like me.Seduction is the courtship between two people who present themselves authentically to the world. This is truly seductive, attractive quality that we all possess. The quest for your most seductive, attractive traits is a quest for your authenticity.


How do women who have heard about Zan Perrion respond to him?

I love talking to women. Women always understand me. A lot of men do not. Even if initially skeptical, women get pretty excited within a few minutes of conversation. They love our Ars Amorata message and want more men to hear it. Women are my greatest defenders.

Does a natural ever get married? If yes, how does he stay married?

Of course, why not? I never talk about lifestyle. I only talk about life. The principles we teach, like honesty, curiosity, and celebrating women, are all things that apply in every interaction with women. It applies to approaching women, to dating women, and to relationships with women. The problem with our marriages is that men no longer seduce their wives. We all crave seduction, we all crave romance, and we all crave passion.

Is marriage an obsolete and repressive institution?

No. Like I said, I never talk about lifestyle or the choices people make to be happy. The only thing that interests me is how we connect or do not connect.

How have the rules of the game evolved or changed over the last two decades?

Well, the rules of the game are certainly changing, and they change even more from country to country. But everywhere we go, men and women are tired of all the "games".They are craving real connection. They want to present themselves authentically and to be loved for that.

For a natural does the style of his seduction depend on the ‘quarry?’ How does gender and orientation play a role in them?

I speak to all women like they are the most beautiful woman in the world. This doesn't mean that I am attracted to all women, of course, but I always see the beauty in them.

You are in love with all women. Whom would you fall in love with (the old fashioned way)?

A woman who embodies all the beauty, grace, and elegance of the feminine spirit. A woman who possesses the same love of life and gypsy spirit as I.

How do the arts change with ethnicity, demographics and race?

Like I said, every culture is different. In the northern hemisphere, the men are generally afraid to approach or talk to women. And in the southern hemisphere, the men are more aggressive and macho. But women would love to find men who are somewhere in between – not timid and not overly aggressive.


Would you say you are more in touch with your feminine side than most other guys?

Well, I love women more than any man I know. I have a great intuition about women. I have learned to understand and speak the language of women. So perhaps that means I am more in touch with my feminine side? I am not sure...

Your most memorable seduction…

The seduction of myself. I always aspire to excel in life and in my relationships. If I look back over the years, I am amazed at the journey. I have loved, and been loved by, incredible women.

Why has the world been critical and misanthropic about the seducers of their time?

Good question. People shake their head and say, "But you are a seducer." Yes, well, aren't we all? At what point did that become a term of accusation? Is not every interaction in life, in essence, a seduction?

We are suspicious of the word ‘seduction’ today. The dictionary has two definitions for it: one – the act of going astray. Two: something that attracts or charms. Have we forgotten the second definition? There is a quiet beauty in the notion of seduction as something that attracts or charms. Seduction is not manipulation. Seduction is honest. 

DO’s & DON’Ts for Natural Seducers


1. Be more alive and fun, and less serious.

2. Smile and wink at every woman.

3. Measure your success not by the reaction you get from her but by how well you did your job as a man. Have you spoken your truth?

4. Proclaim your love for women to the world.

5. Never seek answers. Always seek mystery. You have embarked on a lifelong quest for understanding. You will never have it all figured out. Relax into the arms of life, and trust the process.

1. Never defend yourself.
2. Never give your light where it is not invited.
3. Never allow a conversation to become heavy.
4. Never try to compete with other men.
5. Never stop being a student of life and of women.

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