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Best Foods launches Basmati Brown rice


TSI TEAM | New Delhi, September 19, 2012 21:46
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Best Foods Ltd, one of fastest growing andthe largest rice companies in India launched Basmati Brown rice here on Wednesday.

Launching the one kg brown rice in plastic contained priced at Rs 150, Dr. Aayushman Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Best Foods Ltd., remarked, that there is a growing market for the brownbasmati rice as health conscious is rising among consumers. 

Acknowledging the price a little too high compared to normal basmati rice, Gupta hoped the price will come down as the sales increases. "I expect it to come down by 25 per cent over a period of few months,” he said.

Brown rice promoted by Best Foods Ltd is pitted against one kg sold Kellogs in the domestic market.

Brown rice also known as 'unpolished rice' & is brown in color. It is actually how all rice would look before it goes through the entire process of polishing. Every rice grain has an outer layer of a slightly stiff cover called the 'hull' or husk. Brown Rice is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber and essential fatty acids. A single cup provides nearly ninety percent of the daily recommended dosage of manganese, which is needed for energy production. It is also an excellent source of selenium, an antioxidant trace mineral linked to immune health and cancer prevention;magnesium, which is necessary for bone health, muscle and nerve cell functioning, food metabolism, and the uptake of calcium and potassium; and silica, an important mineral for bone health and slowing the aging process. 

Women who eat whole grains like brown rice tend not to gain weight. Brown rice minimizes colon cancer risk, lowers cholesterol level and provides significant cardiovascular benefits for post-menopausal women. It's a good source of fiber that reduces high cholesterol levels and prevents atherosclerosis and breast cancer. Brown rice can remain in storage for six months under normal conditions.

With the annual turnover of Rs 1500 crore, Best Foods is planning to increase their retail outlets to around 800 soon across the country. 

"We also have our own stand-alone 40 Best Health and wellness outlets at strategic points in Delhi and NCR where we retail our varieties of rice, honey, walnuts including nutritious brown rice", Gupta added. 
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