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Angry teachers protest against new teacher training plan


KAVALAM SASIKUMAR | Kochi, January 15, 2012 19:31
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It has become a ritual in the state now that every year just before the State board examination of class 10 (SSLC), government introduces something which creates anxiety and unrest among teachers, students and parents. 
This year the UDF government announced a new plan for teachers which is to be followed by next year. KSTA, the opposition union of teachers has already raised an objection against the new plan. 
According to the Education Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) monitoring committee, the teachers who need training based on the evaluation done by an external body, must undergo a training of 60 days during the particular academic year. This will be a four-term training of teachers. However the teachers can opt for term but the problem for teachers will remain in the condition on leave surrender. According to the new plan announced by UDF government, teachers will now get 10 days leave instead of leave surrender. There will be no leave surrender andalso the on going cluster meetings for teachers will be stopped.
The meeting of teachers' union to discuss and finalise the new plan will be held on 24th of this month while the opposition party backed teachers' union, KSTA has already put forward their objection. Babu, the Palakkad district committee member of KSTA told TSI that, “ till now there is no official information about this issue. But one thing is clear from media reports that there is no clarity in this plan and the decision to stop the cluster meetings and leave surrender for teachers during training will not be acceptable."
"If teachers go for 60 days training, students will suffer. The teacher’s bank by the government is yet to be finalised. Once the proposal comes from concerned officials, we will challenge the anomalies. I think this is not a viable plan", Babu added when asked about his views on the new plan.
According to sources, the teachers' unions will take a stand against this plan in the meeting on 24th January. “If the government goes with this proposal, the board examination duty, valuation duty of this academic year is going to be affected,” commented a union leader.
While the teachers are initiating protests against this new plan introduced on teachers' training, the parents fear that strikes or boycott announcements by teachers' union prior to SSLC examination will affect the students emotionally.
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