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A nation ridiculed


Israelis needs to question the character of the nation itself...
VIKASH KUMAR | Issue Dated: October 8, 2006
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A nation ridiculed In Israel, they don’t celebrate for long. But even by their short standards of glee, this is not a good time to be an Israeli politician. First, the nation went to another war with Lebanon, a 34-day affair from which it had to withdraw in the absence of clear victory. The repercussions of that are being felt by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who has had to sack top defence officials. Worse, the 61-year-old Iran-born President Moshe Katsav is now being investigated on charges of molesting former female employees.

Katsav, married and father of five, also faces allegations of gross misuse of authority, fraud, wiretapping and breach of public trust. Katsav incidentally is not the only one. Haim Ramon was forced to step down as Israel’s Justice Minister when he was charged with sexual misconduct after a female soldier accused him. Ramon, after initial denials, admitted to “engaging in a brief consensual kiss.” Then, Olmert is being probed for shady property deals. He apparently paid $100,000 less than the market value for an apartment in 2004. In another case, Olmert’s family sold their house in Jerusalem for 30% more than the market price 11 years ago to an American businessman who gave $25,000 to Olmert’s campaign. The controversies have exposed the hollowness of Israel’s political leadership. Most amazingly, Katsav was quoted as saying, “Had Israel done well in its war, things would not have reached such a stage.” Deeper questions are needed in Israel that question not just the character of the politicians, but of the whole nation... a nation that could allow the massacre of hundreds of civilians giving an unlettered excuse of attempting to save a handful of soldiers!
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