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. | Issue Dated: April 21, 2013, New Delhi
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Posted By: Robin Lewis | Mumbai | April 22nd 2014 | 14:04
Hats off to Arindam for having the guts to stand up for what is right; even though it means standing up against the system.
Posted By: shibani | Mumbai | March 25th 2014 | 18:03
Had the opportunity to meet him twice , a true gentle man with a golden heart , who so down to Earth. He has an aura around him. It was amazing to see how his employees right from the driver to the Executive director respect him , and this respect is not demanded its commanded . I personally admire the man , Really unputdownable . He is a born winner unfortunately in a country full of idiots and hypocrites.we are ten step ahead to criticize, and retreat twenty steps to appreciate . Kudos sahara pariwar . Great resilience shown !
Posted By: Naveen Kumar Agrawal | Lucknow | March 25th 2014 | 13:03
Truly an eye-opening and well studied atricle. In order to save the very fundmentals of our existence as a nation, Hon'ble Supreme court must reconsider the whole case.
Posted By: amitabh sinha | Lucknow | March 21st 2014 | 17:03
Indeed this is the true and correct picture with facts and figures. This article will definetly prove the brutality of Indian Constitution i.e. Supreme Court
Posted By: Pravin Patil | Kolhapur | March 20th 2014 | 13:03
very interesting Article. (Enough is Enough)
Posted By: SUNIL KUMAR JHA | BILASPUR | March 18th 2014 | 13:03
Posted By: Joy | Pune | March 15th 2014 | 22:03
This article must be republished once more nice article.Very Very noble person and very very helpful person does the so called Say Beeee SEBI has aukat to give employment and help people they should rather concentrate on Fraud inside share trading
Posted By: Swapnil | Lucknow | March 15th 2014 | 12:03
very well written and well explained, the perspective of millions is reflected in this article.
Posted By: Ayesha | Delhi | April 24th 2013 | 13:04
Very incisive and intellectual article. Young educated and intellectually oriented people must read The Sunday Indian regularly.
Posted By: Govind Acharya | Delhi | April 23rd 2013 | 16:04
The article brilliantly captures every point on why Subrata Roy is not wrong. It appears as if you have read the documents in detail, not missing a point that can go against the analysis. SEBI and all other regulators must read through every word of it and they would be ashamed of their wrong doing.
Posted By: Aisha Sharma | Bangalore | April 23rd 2013 | 14:04
Well said, don't kill the entrepreneurial spirit. Business community must challenge SEBI together.
Posted By: Xena | Delhi | April 23rd 2013 | 14:04
Successful people with noble dreams have always faced such hostilities at the hands of competition, political parties and even regulators. So is the case with Subrata Roy. Article has rightly nailed all key facts, clearly pointing why Subrata will win.
Posted By: BIKASH ROY | GUWAHATI | April 22nd 2013 | 23:04
Youth should rise against the policy of the government and so call regulatory whose main motto is to disturb the persons who want to do something for the country and its all round development. Actually our system and politicians do not want betterment of the country except their own benefits.
Posted By: Vishakha | Rajasthan | April 22nd 2013 | 20:04
Subrata Roy's Sahara Parivar has more than 7 lakhs employees. To put this into perspective the Indian Railways, considered to be amongst the world's largest employers, has 14 lakhs
Posted By: Tanya | Chennai | April 25th 2013 | 12:04
Wow, that shows the strength of the Sahara group and its contribution to the Indian society.
Posted By: Sarika.G | Kolkata | April 22nd 2013 | 20:04
Truly a superb guy who has made outstanding contribution to the Indian economy!!!
Posted By: S malhotra | Kolkata | April 22nd 2013 | 20:04
I completely support the facts of this article as I believe Subrata Roy is a trend-setter and role model for any Indian businessman.
Posted By: Manjeet Singh | Mumbai | April 22nd 2013 | 20:04
Kudos to Arindam Chaudhuri for taking such a bold stand and challenging the regulatory bodies & popular media
Posted By: Surya Srinivasan | Chennai | April 22nd 2013 | 19:04
I have a lot of respect for Subrata Roy. His group Sahara has became the largest business conglomerate of India.
Posted By: Akshay C | Delhi | April 22nd 2013 | 19:04
I agree, take the case of Dhirubhai Ambani. He was also targeted by the media and regulators for his visionary company, Reliance which offered share holding to the masses.
Posted By: Riyaah Singh | Delhi | April 22nd 2013 | 19:04
Post Independence, the erstwhile feudal lords (the Zamindars) found a convenient continuation of their fiefdom, in the business and political arena of the emerging new India, and methodically suppressed the common man from rising up the ladder.
Posted By: Bikram | Delhi | April 22nd 2013 | 19:04
This is nothing new. It has been happening from the time India and its middle class has started dreaming big and making it happen against all odds, especially from the regulators, who are nothing but a puppet in the hands of the existing business houses.
Posted By: Naina | Bangalore | April 22nd 2013 | 19:04
He has given a lot to the society through various initiatives like supporting Indian sportspersons, providing adult literacy and health care services. We need to stand by him in his time of crisis.
Posted By: Praveen | Bangalore | April 22nd 2013 | 18:04
Truely an eye-opening article that puts the facts in proper perspective. Thats what I like about TSI stories.

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