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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Cover Story

A matter of honour

Mayank Singh

Lanky Peer Mohammed Ummer from Anantnag has succeeded in fulfilling his father’s ultimate dream.

From Quaid to Bana


It was at the icy heights of Siachen in 1987 that a young JAK LI soldier, Bana Singh,achieved what till then was considered unimaginable.

Commandant's note

Brigadier Pankaj Sinha SM, VSM

The Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry is a unique Regiment of Indian Army.


Special Report

Stonewalling transparency

Parimal Peeyush

There was distinct unanimity on television screens after an order by the Central Information Commission (CIC) put six national parties under the ambit of the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

Special Story

Sons rise in the east

Sanjay Upadhya

They are young, stylish and trendy and could hardly be described as icons of backward politics which their fathers espoused with such fervor.


The last of their kind

Prashanto Banerji, Features Editor, The Sunday Indian

Usually male elephants secrete an oily liquid from their temporal glands and dribble urine constantly – signs that the mahouts should be wary and take extreme precautions…



Will 'Bharat Nirman' work magic for UPA?

Monojit Lahiri

Remember the hi-profile, celebrated, BJP sponsored 'India Shining' campaign of 2003?



Some Like It...Chilled!!

Monojit Lahiri

In Bollywood, the horror film has mostly been a sub-brand/genre, receiving neither the attention nor the respect given to other mainstream fare.



Waste put to good use

Amir Hossain

The statement "We are sitting on a plastic time bomb" made by the Supreme Court on April 03, 2013, highlights the grave concern that is posed by plastic waste in India.


Deaths behind bars

Sray Agarwal and Sayan Ghosh

It is sometimes hard to digest the fact that a peace-loving nation like India can be so unkind and cruel to its own prison population.


President in the doghouse

Sayan Ghosh

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek,”



A ride through history

KS Narayanan

Of late the Indian Railways has hit the news for all the wrong reasons. First it was a hike in passenger fares.


Rear Window

Betting as science

Sahana Prasad, Bangalore based analyst and expert at Christ University

Gambling in India has been prevalent from the early times. In the Ramayana, there are casual references to it which neither condemn or encourage.


Far Pavilion

Have Rights, Will Vote

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

The election in Iran this time was under intense international scrutiny.


Book Review

Book Review: Butterflies

KS Narayanan

For most of us colourful butterflies mean how we chased them when we were young and tucked them inside a textbook as a prized trophy for months and years.


Book Review: Business Sutra

KS Narayanan

Indians’ don’t talk. They argue. And the more they argue, the more they pepper their arguments with anecdotes, folklore, proverbs and myths to force their views on each other.


Movie Review

Movie Review: Man of Steel

Ishan Raychaudhuri

Zach Snyder, the director of the stylistic '300', takes the reins of the man of steel in this reboot of the world’s most famous superhero.


Movie Review: Fukrey

Saibal Chatterjee

Inconsistent yet funny, a tad stretched yet engaging: that is Fukrey, a comedy about a bunch of losers who after a series of hiccups find their around their ill luck.



Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017