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The Sunday Indian
Sunday, March 26, 2023

We have never tried to learn…!

Arnold Christie

Three years ago from now on 26/11/2008, whole "The Sunday Indian” team was busy with its deadline to complete edition. Suddenly a bullet of breaking news horrified all of us as terrorists from Pakistan storm economical capital of India. They entered in Indian waters and intruded in Mumbai for genocide of innocents.

Shall We Dance?

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

While the MFN status and the revival of Joint Ministerial Commission (JMC) between India and Pakistan indicate the countries are willing to move ahead, Afghanistan quagmire has the serious potential to undermine the gains.

Indian Reforms: Yesterday and Today

Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati

The growth strategy to pull the poor up from poverty, however, did not work because growth itself did not materialize. But now that growth has actually been produced by the post-1991 reforms, what can we say about the wisdom of the growth strategy?

A separate railway budget: utility or futility?

Gourav Vallabh/ Khushboo Jha

In the preamble of the current budget Mamata Banerjee quoted “we have attempted to combine a strong economic focus with an equal emphasis on social inclusion”. However, this year’s budget was a mere repetition of the last year’s populist styl

Devapriya Valisinha: A pioneer of the Buddhist revival in India and Sri Lanka

Sugeeshwara Gunaratna

Indo-Lanka relations go back to a time that diffuses into the mist of history. This historical relationship has continued to leave an intense emotional bonding in the minds of the people of both countries. Sri Lanka is indelibly ingrained in the mind

The diplomacy after WikiLeaks

Zuhair Hamadallah Zaid

After WikiLeaks announced the release of 250,000 American diplomatic cables, classified as secret documents, to some extent, the world in general and the diplomatic corps in particular, were left stunned. The US Foreign Department appeared to have lo

A covert imprisonment

A rather unusual take points to the actual realities behind India's newfound buying spree

Supermarts a super risk

Nowhere in the world has the advent of big retail helped the long-term cause of the farmer

My memories of Bapu

Barun Das Gupta recounts the compassion of the Mahatma that he witnessed first hand.

Babri conundrum - Human blood is precious

The politics of appeasement by the Congress has resulted in much bloodshed in the country

Kashmir - People want to move on

As the Indian state grapples with the Kashmir issue, a recent poll shows that peace is possible

Farmers' woes whose land is it anyway?

A holistic land acquisition policy to protect farmers from penury has been long overdue

Brewing trouble - Parties, media to blame

Irresponsible politics by Cong and the CPI(M) has put Kerala’s secular traditions in danger

Judicial process - Speeding up the system

Better court management, efficient work distribution and curb on frivolous PILs can be starters

Our representatives - Democracy in peril

Today’s voter wants a piece of his MP in person and bothers little about the latter’s official duties.


Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017