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SHASHANK SHEKHAR & ANU GULMOHAR | Issue Dated: April 22, 2007
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Tameka Foster is reportedly pregnant and if the grapevine is to be believed then it’s not Usher’s! For the fans who were displeased as the stylist, also a mommy of three kids appeared to be no match for the Grammy winning R&B sensation, this bit of news might further strengthen their case. Turns out Foster, who recently split from her husband, is four months pregnant with his baby, and Usher is going to claim it as his own and tie the knot with her in November! Umm, Yeah! for Forster? WIND FROM THE WOODS “Criminally sexy!”

While the above is Woody Allen’s opinion of the Lost in Transalation star Scarlett Johansson, 5,000 women concurred with him in a poll by Glamour magazine and declared Johansson to have the sexiest body in the world. Not new to topping such titles, Johansson remarkably has often criticised the media and cine industry for promoting the image of unhealthy and ultra-thin bodies. Though a lot of men have fallen hook line and sinker for Scarlett’s curves, considering it was the ladies calling the shots this time, it sure looks like Scarlett’s winning her battle against the size-0 beau ideal. WIND FROM THE WOODS The ‘Khan’ daan reigns

Helen was recently choked, well not literally but emotionally! The Tongues of Fire Film Festival celebrates women’s achievements and this year they paid tribute to the yesteryears’ cabaret dancing sensation with the ‘Golden Girl’ competition in the presence of the original glam queen. Even though Kareena got kind words from her for her sexy number in Don, Helen commented that nobody justifies her songs better than her daughter-in-law Malaika. “She has the exuberant personality once the camera is on and she really oozes oomph and enjoys her work and dancing,” said the legend. Guess it all runs in the family…! WIND FROM THE WOODS Nicole at the Nickelodeon Awards...

It was gala time for kids at Nickelodeon’s annual Kid’s Choice Awards at UCLA where for a change the red carpet gave way for their orange carpet! And gracing the occasion were celebs like Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore, Justin Timberlake and Nicole Kidman. Nicole turned up quite aptly accompanied by her two children Isabella and Connor, whom she had adopted along with her ex-husband Tom Cruise. When asked about the one quality that sets kids apart, Nicole was quick to respond, “They speak the truth.” And she was soon made to remember that they’re also the princes of pranks, for as she came up to the stage to accept the award for Happy Feet, she ended up getting covered in slime!! WIND FROM THE WOODS Baazigars of Bollywood to reunite?

Adept at narrating endearing tales of love and heartache, Karan Johar really does understand the formula of creating on-screen magic. And thus it comes as no surprise that since Kajol’s back to work, he would be the one to bring Shah Rukh and Kajol back together on the silver screen. And while Kajol is yet to give her final nod to the movie, doubtless if Karan succeeds, we’ll in all probability witness another enchanting tale akin to the blockbusters Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. WIND FROM THE WOODS Bad Girls! ;-)

So we know Drew Barrymore is perfectly ok swinging both ways and has confessed to going out with a lot of gals in her younger days. And now finally we have a face to the kind of ladies Drew digs. Jane Pratt, an ex Ed. at Jane Magazine revealed details of her sexual relationship with Charlie’s Angel Drew Barrymore circa 1994 on her radio show. Intended obviously to attract publicity for her new radio show, it also explained how Pratt managed to get Drew on the cover of the very first issue of Jane magazine! WIND FROM THE WOODS Moss to roll out a sex video!

Another celebrity sex video is to hit the World Wide Web soon. Word is that none other than supermodel Kate Moss’ bedchamber escapades with boyfriend (and fellow junkie) Pete Doherty are being immortalised for posterity. Turns out that the (wasted) couple – when she’s not been on the ramp and he’s not been singing – have been capturing private moments of their lives with the intent of making a documentary! Well, since no one knows how sex-videos can build a career better than Paris Hilton, we wonder if the crack-ed up couple got inspiration for their ‘documentary’ from Paris and Nicole Hilton’s confounding reality show – The Simple Life!
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