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Thursday, July 29, 2021

We will project Rahul but not at the cost of Manmohan


Congress general secretary Janardan Dwivedi is a man regarded as among the closest to 10 Janpath and Congress high command. He talks to Pramod Kumar in an interview. Excerpts:
PRAMOD KUMAR | Issue Dated: January 26, 2014, New Delhi
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Could Priyanka Gandhi join active politics?
She is in active politics. She looks after Sonia Gandhi’s constituency on a day to day basis. In the last elections you saw she shared the stage with her mother. When she recently talked to senior party leaders, it was only as a well wisher of the party. She listened to the leaders and gave them her views.
There are demands in Congress that she play an active role in party politics.
If an active role means contesting elections then that is Priyanka’s prerogative and Sonia too has emphasized that point.
Do you believe that projecting Rahul will help the party because assembly election results do not prove that point?
It is true that assembly election results, especially in Delhi, have been disappointing but we are certain to make improvements and we have learnt our lessons and hope to make suitable improvements in the Lok Sabha.
Rahul Gandhi’s projection has been the following: `forget Manmohan Singh now look at Rahul Gandhi to fight corruption’?
We will project Rahul as the new big hope for the Congress but not at the cost of Manmohan Singh.
 Did Rahul’s projection as the next prime minister increase pressure on Manmohan Singh to announce his retirement?
This is wrong. Manmohan Singh is our prime minister and he is mature enough to realize public sentiment which is in favour of a young leader like Rahul Gandhi. And he believes Rahul has what it takes to become prime minister.
But the youth voter rejected the Congress comprehensively in Delhi.
We have learnt our lesson and will learn from our mistakes.
If General Elections are fought under Rahul, a number of senior leaders might find themselves without tickets.
You have to make changes with time. Rahul believes that more and young leaders should take their rightful place in Congress politics and he is working towards that.
Do you believe AAP’s Kumar Vishwas could make it tough for Rahul in Amethi?
It is the constitutional right of anyone to contest elections from anywhere. There is no problem there.

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