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Iran assets are being targeted to make her behave
SAURABH KUMAR | Issue Dated: April 1, 2007
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TO TAME A ROWDY CHILD President George Bush is keen on a ‘New Middle East’ and his right hand man Condoleezza Rice is busy helping tame the unruly child of the region. After ‘taking care’ of Iraq and Afghanistan, the new focus is on Iran so that the baby is well behaved. Acknowledging it as a big task, the US looked for support to the UN and her European friends. Subsequently, the five member UN Security Council, along with Germany, reached an ‘agreement in

White house blues

US-UN reach pact on banning exports from Iran

Russia forces them to drop ban on Russian arms imports

Iran opposes sanctions

So, US could target Iran next

principle’ to ban Iranian exports and freeze the financial assets of as many as 28 Iranian officials and institutions, including many commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Corps. After days of haggling, the US and her European allies were compelled to drop many of the strict embargoes that included measures like travel ban on select Iranian officials and prohibition on arms imports by Iran. The last one was vehemently opposed by Russia as most of the arms imported by Iran come from Russia. Special mention has been made about Quds Force (a unit of Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran) and Bank Sepah who in past have been actively supporting splinter groups such as the Hizbollah.

Iran reacted in a much expected manner. The Speaker of the Iran Majlis, Gholam Ali Haddad, said, “Threats of imposing sanctions on Iran for its peaceful nuclear activities were made in line with the US plans for the Middle East and for the world of Islam.” The ban is being seen as a move to weaken Iran’s economy and to instigate unrest giving an opportunity to the US to execute its military plan. The US has successfully implemented a similar modus operandi in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq, and Iran seems to be the next target.
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