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The Wolf of Wall Street


Back with a Bang!
ISHAN RAYCHAUDHURI | New Delhi, January 10, 2014 12:32
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They say false teeth do not a character make. Well, Jonah Hill proves false teeth can snap, bite and do naughty things as well. Scorsese on the other hand proves that he is still the best out there. The Wolf of Wall Street comes to you bang, bang, bang. There is no mollycoddling, Scosese doesn't do that. Instead, what you get is film making on a different level.

DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort is the wildest thing you will see on the big screen. If he doesn't win awards for this, it will be disgusting. He is part general, part narcissist and all greedy and leads a life of excesses which will put many a Roman general to shame.

Being a penny stocker earlier, he is now on long island running a firm which is seen to be a rock by many in the world of stockbroking. However, in the organisation’s belly,  no one knows a thing. It is all a big fraud, not unlike some of the companies up and running today.

The ‘work’ the company does in its offices are the very important tasks of safely throwing dwarves at a sticky board and making chimps roller-skate amongst breaks like orgies and hustles. There is never a wrong time for an orgy or a new hustle.
There are some scary scenes as well. In the proverbial tale of if you climb too high too fast there is always a far greater fall, Belfort ends up in prison for his fake company. The script is based on the autobiography of Jordan Belfort himself, and boy there are some fun stories in that.

The shots are by camera whiz Rodrigo Prieto (Amores Perros) who doesn't leave the decadence out and the shots are like a highlight reel of some of Scorsese’s earlier works. Whether it is breaking frame to talk to the camera, slow motion shots or freeze frames, it is Scorsese’s best work since the Departed or even Casino.

The Wolf of Wall Street deliberately leaves behind the negativity though. Financial ruin has far greater repercussions and the victims of Belfort’s scams are left out. The film is a hypnotic romp which makes the audience so lost in this world that they do not see the destruction left in the wake of this giant ship of greed… After all, Scorsese doesn't preach.

Director: Martin Scorsese

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey, Kyle Chandler, Rob Reiner


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